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WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2019 / -- Former White House and Congress spokesman Robert Weiner and his team have written several op-eds over the last month including in the Miami Herald, Indianapolis Star, and Des Moines Register.

“It has been quite a month with six published op-eds,” Weiner said on Wednesday. “Let’s keep it up! We have a unique program recruiting young and emerging journalists to co-byline in top papers.”

These recent articles compliment several Weiner team H1 and H2 #1 and #2 ranked op-eds in the nation this year according to OpEdNews. The Weiner team has done 900 op-eds in major media outlets since creating the program. "We are making a big difference," Weiner said. The young and emerging journalists are having impact on national opinion. FOR ALL 2019 OPEDS SEE:

Weiner mentioned that anyone who wants to help the op-ed writing program, which won the 2016 National Press Club President’s Award, can do so on credit cards (via PayPal or CrowdRise) by clicking this link:

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The latest op-ed, co-written with policy analyst August Clarke is about how the canceled Afghanistan peace talks failed to address the world’s lead opium and heroin production, which funds the terror, and now "the US must get it right."

Weiner and Clarke explain, “The canceled “Afghanistan peace plan” and Camp David meeting of the United States and Taliban leaders ignored Afghanistan’s opium and heroin production, which leads the world. It funds their terrorist activities against us and around the globe.”

They continue, “Talks have resumed between the Taliban and top American diplomats, who recently led peace negotiations with them. Pakistan has urged both sides to resume peace talks, and the Taliban has said it remains open to talks with the United States. Now, a deal seems even more likely to be accomplished in the near future.”

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The second piece was written by Weiner and policy analyst Zachary Filtz for the Roanoke Times, which covers Virginia Tech, as this Sunday's feature about how lawmakers have acted quickly after less than 20 people died from vaping, yet are still “dawdling” on the 50,000 people who die every year from guns.

Filtz and Weiner begin, “On Sept. 25, under House Judiciary Committee Chairman Gerry Nadler, D-NY, Congress held hearings on banning semi-automatic weapons with magazines larger than 10 rounds. The Brady Bill had barred these and reduced mass killings, but Congress permitted these guns and weapons since 2004.”

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Next, Weiner Filtz wrote about how to save small town newspapers in the Northampton, MA Daily Hampshire Gazette. The article was ranked H2 by OpEdNews as the #2 op-ed in the country.

Weiner and Filtz begin, “The American newspaper industry has struggled significantly in the last several decades."

Weiner and Filtz document the drop in daily papers and talk about what's worked for those that survived. as a guide for the industry.

The fourth piece, published in the Indianapolis Star, by Weiner and policy analyst Wes Cooper, is about how President Trump’s attacks on the US intelligence community threatens US leadership. The piece starts off, "Coats Fired for Telling the Truth."

Weiner and Cooper use a movie analogy: “’You can't handle the truth,' Jack Nicholson shouted in ‘A Few Good Men.’ President Trump is silencing the intelligence community and shifting it into an apparatus full of ‘yes men’ that will ignore the Russian threat and global climate change, manufacture a crisis at the border, and lie about the realities of Iran, North Korea, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) thereby creating more global insecurity. The president's blocking facts victimized former Director of National Intelligence, Indiana's Dan Coats, and if he does not change course, will affect his new National Security Adviser, Robert O'Brien.”

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Weiner also wrote a piece with Ben Lasky in The Des Moines Register about how one group will not make the difference for Democrats in 2020; it will take a “coalition.” The article was ranked H3 by OpEdNews as the #3 op-ed in the country.

Weiner and Lasky begin, “The Washington Post’s Dan Balz wrote a piece on July 15 headlined, ‘In Debate, Hopefuls Didn’t Do Much to Change Minds.’ What will make the difference? Iowa’s nation-first caucuses dominate polling and projections, and likely will have far more impact than the debates, which to date have changed little in the standings of the front runners. Real votes count.”

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Lastly, Weiner and Filtz wrote an article for the Pulse Institute about how Michigan’s poor could lose their health insurance should the Trump Administration succeed in the Texas healthcare case.

Weiner and Filtz begin, “Warning: Under the radar of the headlines for Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-Maryland) Oversight Committee investigations into potentially impeachable offenses of President Donald Trump, Cummings and his committee have been holding equally significant hearings on a pending health care calamity against all those who can least afford it. A Texas court case, endorsed by President Trump and his White House, is headed for the Supreme Court and would invalidate the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), with no replacement of the law’s benefits. The Trump action would reverse President Obama’s signature achievement.”

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