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Prolific Earth Sciences Releases on-site FUNGAL to BACTERIAL RATIO Test as Part of its Soil Health Testing Suite


Paving the way for infield testing of soil health

Prolific Earth Sciences, an innovator in cost effective in field soil microbial testing, released a test for fungal to bacterial ratio as part of microBIOMETER®

MONTGOMERY, NEW YORK, US, April 9, 2020 / -- microBIOMETER® is a patented, lab grade soil test which is simple to perform and produces rapid results. The 20-minute on-site soil test determines microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio. It's 10 times less expensive and more accurate than sending your soil to labs because microbes start dying once they are removed from the earth.

Smartphone analysis allows for fast readings and the ability to mark locations as well as add detailed notes to test areas. Data of time and place of test is stored in secure web for analysis over time.

Soil stewards all over the world are seeking to understand the microbial levels in their soil and the ratio of fungal to bacterial life. The higher the microbial biomass, the more nutrients will be available to plants naturally, decreasing or eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers. Higher fungal to bacterial ratios are believed to indicate a more sustainable microbiome and therefore a more sustainable agro-ecosystem.

Soil microbial ecology depends on location, rainfall, crops, management practices, amendments and a host of other factors. Prolific Earth Sciences allows growers to rapidly determine effective practices so they can experiment and optimize conditions for their particular case making sure they are spending time and resources only on practices and treatments that improve soil health.

The test was validated using digital microscopy and computerized analysis from many different soils. We found a 95% correlation with the area of the microbes in the images and the numbers reported by microBIOMETER® for microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratios.

Prolific Earth Sciences was founded in 2014 to develop methods of assessing soil health based on findings from a National Science Foundation grant. Our patented platform brings medical diagnostic point of care and data processing technology to soil testing. The microBIOMETER® platform is being used to introduce a complete soil health assessment panel and data management system for regenerative and organic agricultural practice.
Prolific Earth Sciences is proud to be a semifinalist in the Terraton Challenge sponsored by Indigo and to have been granted a Cornell University Jump Start Grant with Dr. Quirine Ketterings. Independent studies using microBIOMETER® have been conducted by Dr. Pochron of Stonybrook University and Dr. Forbes Walker of University of Tennessee. Prolific Earth Sciences is advised by Jeff Lowenfels, renowned author of Teaming with Microbes and Dr. Jill Clapperton, of Rhizoterra, a leader in soil health research.

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