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Screenshot of the Rosetta@Home Software Analysing Data from the Carlkruse.Org blog

Idle computer time could be used to help battle serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, HIV, Malaria, and even COVID-19.

MIAMI, FL, USA, June 1, 2020 / --, a blog focusing on non-profit groups and scientific volunteerism, recommends to its followers and friends to engage with the Rosetta@Home distributed computing project.

Rosetta@home is a scientific initiative stemming from the University of California’s BOINC system that uses global volunteers to build a virtual supercomputer network to help crunch data. Rosetta@Home is run from the University of Washington’s Baker Lab.

As we all know, proteins are the building blocks of life, and understanding them leads to new developments and treatments in the medical arena. Currently, the rate at which new protein sequences are being discovered far outpaces the speed at which predictive models are rendered. That’s where volunteers come in. By downloading a small software application that uses their idle computing power. The software runs on Macs, PCs, Linux, and even on Android smartphones, so just about everyone can participate.

The program resembles a screensaver, is small and is light on computer resources. Each user is given control over just how much of their computer power they’re willing to share, and when. There are safety protocols to protect a user’s computer when downloading and uploading packets of data. You can find other crowdsource science projects doing exemplary work in climate change, astronomy, and other fields as well.

Since its start in 2005, Rosetta@home has made breakthroughs in treating a range of diseases. Recently, interest has increased as Rosetta turned its attention towards beating COVID-19. There has already been promising work done on creating a protein that would effectively stop the virus from invading healthy cells, currently being tested on mice.

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