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Pinpoint brings Agile ceremonies directly into engineering workflow

Automated ceremonies within Pinpoint leverage predictive AI and team feedback to make tasks actionable and deliver smart workflow recommendations

/EIN News/ -- AUSTIN, Texas, June 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Pinpoint announced fully automated, interactive and integrated Agile ceremonies. Engineering teams can now run and collaborate on sprint planning, standups and retrospectives in one shared workspace. By connecting that shared workspace to teams’ historical and predictive code and issue data, Pinpoint makes traditional agile processes instantly actionable, streamlining the software process for everyone.

“Agile is an essential framework for software-building, but teams have always had to interpret and manually input feedback from scrum meetings into execution,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Pinpoint. “With Pinpoint, we’ve already built a platform that provides one space for teams to work with all the relevant data from source systems. Bringing these ceremonies into the product gives teams a complete, more productive, engineering workflow without creating more data silos or layering on additional tools.”

Pinpoint is a fast-growing engineering operations application, and the first to integrate these three Agile ceremonies into an AI-enabled platform with the full context of a team's history and capabilities. That context includes measuring how long certain issues typically take to resolve, and an understanding of who is best-suited to take on specific tasks based on bandwidth and experience – ultimately allowing Pinpoint to create personalized assignments. Teams eliminate manual work and save time on tasks related to process, reporting, and organization so they can focus on collaborative execution.

Automated ceremonies mean more flexible meeting options, with no spreadsheets or whiteboards needed. Teams collaborate online through the shared workspace in Pinpoint to complete ceremonies. And, teams are able to submit updates or feedback in real time rather than waiting until a meeting occurs and manually translating that information into another tool. Tasks or changes made during the ceremony, like assigning work, are then seamlessly fed into the appropriate source system and reflected in their team dashboard.

“We’re always looking to streamline our team’s operations – not just how our developers write code but how we collaborate, plan and improve over time, especially now that we’re all working remotely,” says Lisa House, Director of Engineering Performance at Skywatch. “Pinpoint has been a supportive partner in this, bringing the Agile processes we use into an actionable platform. Our developers prefer Pinpoint’s retrospective capability to any other tool we’ve tried. It gives us the smoothest integrated retrospective experience so the team can execute on sprints seamlessly.”

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