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Covid-19 Led the surge in work from home. Firgelli made it healthier using an E-Desk – Motorized standing Desks

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Firgelli Standing desk

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Covid-19 Led the surge in work from home. Firgelli made it healthier using an E-Desk – Motorized standing Desks made for the Home.


Contact: Robbie Dickson, CEO and Founder, Firgelli Automations

Covid-19 Led the surge in work from home. Firgelli made it healthier using an E-Desk – Motorized standing Desks made for the Home.

Firgelli Automation is once again taking aim at the working from home industry with its new Smart E-Desks. These Sit standing desks come in different sizes, but the Home office setup is both easy to assembly and comes as standard with Adjustable foot print to fit into any size home office.

Thanks to Covid-19 millions of people globally have been forced to work from home and take up Zoom video conference calling. However, without that exercise of walking to and from work, and even just walking around the office talking to co-workers, has led to a very unhealthy environment that’s going to knock years off your life. Consider working at the office desk with the option of standing up instead at the touch of a button.

The Shocking Risks of Sitting according to CEO of Firgelli Automations Robbie Dickson

How many hours a day do you spend sitting now that you are working from home? What if you added up all the time you spend sitting, that has now been extended thanks to the new work at home policies many companies have had to force on employees. One study found that the average adult spends 50 - 60% of their day in sedentary pursuits before the Pandemic arrived and that number now increased to 80-90% for those that now work at home.

Why does this matter? If you want to live a long and healthy life, then it truly matters! Study after study has found that the more time spent sitting the greater the risk of dying. One meta-analysis determined that each hour of daily sitting time was associated with a 2% increase in dying from all causes. Another study looking at all-cause mortality across 54 countries worldwide found that between 4 and 7% of all deaths were caused by sitting.

More and more studies are coming to the conclusion that 30 minutes of daily physical activity is not enough to counteract the negative effects of sitting all day. “Public health messages and guidelines should be refined to include reducing time spent sitting.”

The Simplest Way to Live Longer

Before you run out and quit your desk job, consider this simple solution: an electric Sit Stand Desk will allow you to decrease the amount of time you spend sitting every day while still getting your work done. At the push of a button you can change your position from sitting to standing and potentially add years to your life.

According to the study “Sedentary Behavior and Life Expectancy in the US,” you can add 1-2 years to your life if you limit your time sitting to less than 3 hours a day. If that wasn’t convincing enough, consider one of the first studies of physical activity at work. 1950’s London bus drivers were found to have a two-fold increase in their risk of coronary heart disease compared to their more active counterparts – the conductors who collected tickets. Since then study after study has strongly and consistently associated time spent sitting with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality.

Increased Productivity

If the health benefits are not enough to convince you, then maybe this study looking at productivity will persuade you. 167 call center employees were monitored over a 6 month period and it was found that the users of stand-capable desks were 45% more productive on a daily basis compared to their seated counterparts

The science is painfully clear: too much sitting is literally killing us. Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and long-term mortality have all been linked to sitting in isolation. Even a healthy diet and daily exercise cannot negate the cumulative impact of sitting. Why not try the most direct solution and spend some time at work standing?

“We’ve been coming up with innovative solutions to linear movement problems since 2003, but the Smart E-Desk takes Firgelli’s passion for motion control and brings it into everyone's home office,” says Firgelli CEO and founder Robbie Dickson. “Over the years, we’ve noticed that people have become more comfortable with adopting electrically moving devices into their homes, from Pop up TV lifts that Firgelli Pioneered back in the early 2000’s to many other motion control devices Firgelli has developed.”

Dickson is available for interviews regarding linear actuators, their diverse applications and Firgelli’s impact on everything from TV Lift kits to the space race. To schedule an interview, contact Firgelli at

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