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NOSTOPS launches platform for student entrepruners to seek funding

NOSTOPS launches platform for student entrepruners and campus incubators to seek funding, seek a co-founder or build a team

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, October 16, 2020 / -- NOSTOPS launches platform for student entrepruners to seek funding

The National Organisation for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS) began in 2004 in India with the objective of changing the perception of the Indian knowledge workers working overseas, primarily in the United States of America

NOSTOPS Vision therefore has been to impact the image and the imagination of Indian knowledge workers globally

Over the past decade, NOSTOPS has effectively sought information as per the RTI laws periodically to seek relevant information in its advocacy activities and has commissioned many media initiatives based on its research findings.

In early 2004, NOSTOPS brought the concept of ‘dual employment' in focus, which creates entrapment of foreign guestworkers in labor bondage with their work visa sponsoring American employers and are serving an involuntary servitude.

In early 2005, NOSTOPS brought forth the issue of Americn work visa petioning employers manipulated the prevailing wages for foreign workers and received visa approvals that allowed them to underpay foreign workers and bypass hiring local citizens.

Wage discrimination and abuse of the guest workers rights has primarily been the focus area communicated via many of the organisations commissioned media initiatives.

NOSTOPS has successfully advocated reforms towards the foreign guest worker issues in The Americas and has been interacting with domain experts, key stakeholders and final policymakers of the H-1B & L visa program on the Capitol Hill in the United States.

NOSTOPS has testified in the US Congress on labour mobility and immigration issues and has made contributions to the proposal draft for guest knowledge worker reforms leading to the drafting of the 'Visa Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act of 2007' bill proposal, which aimed at preventing document fraud in immigration, the misuse of immigration laws and the abuse of guestworker rights.

NOSTOPS put forward the need for stringent whistleblower protections to encourage foreign guestworkers be vocal against violations of their rights against their work visa sponsoring employers

NOSTOPS has worked with the US Department of Labor, and the US Department of Justice to provide evidence of visa misuse that helped identify and document misuse of the work visa programs, necessary in providing evidence of visa scamming and those that are misusing the "system loopholes" and gaming the system.

NOSTOPS research work over the years has been cited by the UK Border Agency as well as the US Homeland Security. 

NOSTOPS has also effectively communicated the research findings with key American tech worker organizations and worked on a series of media initiatives to bring awareness to certain key issues, such as the brokerage of foreign talent and wage discrimination of foreign workers, thus bypassing local talent and creating segregation of workers class - both foreign guest workers as well as local citizens 

NOSTOPS, closely works with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Missions abroad on assisting and repatriating ‘stranded’ Indian Citizens abroad that are victims of employer related abuse

NOSTOPS has contributed it's research findings to the stakeholders in the LokSabha leading to bringing attention to the need for a change in labour policy in India.

Moving forward NOSTOPS proposes to work on, and bring awareness to the pressing need of the Indo-American Totalisation Agreement, the long pending Social Security Pact between the United States and India - which will allow Indian workers to repatriate their social security contributions made in the United States.

The Start Up Ecosystem -

Apart from the service oriented mindset, NOSTOPS recognises the need of knowledge workers being job creators. Therefore, NOSTOPS works with Campus Incubators to mentor startups ecosystems. NOSTOPS works with startups in their go to market strategies, cross cultural and cross border communications with an inclusiveness of their PR strategy has been an consistent effort in filling the knowledge gap of the disparate issues faced by Indian start ups

NOSTOPs, via this website further aims to assist knowledge worker innovation ecosystem by creating a platform with four distinct personas -
1) the jobseeker;
2) the techie looking for seed funding;
3) the techie that aims to
mentor a startup;
4) the techie looking forward to impart or seek training

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