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Zachor Legal Institute and ARISE Highlight Israel's Corporate Social Responsibility

While most CSR programs have laudable goals, those that discriminate and politicize international disputes are in violation of shareholder primacy and corporate waste corporate law principles.”
— Marc Greendorfer, President of Zachor Legal Institute

RED LEVEL, AL, USA, October 22, 2020 / -- Zachor Legal Institute and ARISE are delighted to join forces and share with you our comprehensive reports on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs relating to Israel in two very different aspects:

- The ARISE report highlights the productive ways in which Israeli companies are implementing CSR programs to improve their environmental, social, and governance behavior, accountability and transparency.

- The Zachor Legal Institute legal article, published in the American University Business Law Review, conversely explains how the BDS movement as well as the UN Blacklist mechanism are using CSR programs as a Trojan horse to unlawfully spread antisemitic boycotts against Israel, and the legal remedies that are available for corporations targeted by such discriminatory boycotts.

The ARISE report highlights how Israeli companies make special efforts to ensure the integration of marginalized populations in the workforce. Efforts in these areas have contributed to doubling the rate of Arab employees in leading companies. Furthermore, a growing sector of Israeli companies are gaining global traction in sustainable innovation fields, often by inventing solutions to problems such as lack of clean water and energy resources.

And the Zachor Legal Institute article introduces legal solutions available to counter BDS/UN inspired illegitimate boycotts of Israel. Indeed, Zachor Legal Institute is in the process of preparing a petition to U.S. securities regulators, proposing new disclosure rules for any public company that adopts discriminatory boycotts, ensuring that investors understand the harm that results from weaponizing CSR against companies doing business in or with Israel.

Calev Myers, chairman of ARISE, said: "Today, we are able to clearly show, based on objective empiric data, that Israel has robust and blossoming CRS practices, comparable to some of the most progressive corporate cultures worldwide. This evidence should give confidence to banks, financial institutions and particularly social impact investment funds that the Israeli start-up scene is a safe and responsible place to deploy capital."

Marc Greendorfer, president of Zachor Legal Institute, added: "While most CSR programs have laudable goals and are in compliance with applicable laws, those that are a front for discrimination and politicization of international disputes are clearly in violation of longstanding corporate law principles relating to shareholder primacy and corporate waste. A for-profit corporation ultimately must be operated for the primary benefit of shareholders, in the form of profit maximization, and Zachor intends to aggressively monitor publicly traded companies for violating these norms when it comes to participating in the terror-backed BDS movement's attacks on Israel or the unlawful United Nations blacklist of companies doing business in or with Israel."

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