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FlashDrive Announces Launch of its Game-Changing Serverless Application Service

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The app is an important step forward to make cloud infrastructures available to small businesses, developers, and individuals.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2020 / -- New York based startup, FlashDrive INC, is pleased to announce the official launch of its serverless application service. This worldwide and groundbreaking service enables any individual, SMB, or developer to build and launch containerized applications from its cloud architecture.

FlashDrive is a serverless, global platform which deploys, hosts, and builds applications on the cloud. The app’s unique container-based cloud platform includes everything the user will need to prepare, build, and deploy code directly from a simple-to-use web interface. At its core, FlashDrive quietly does its magic, operating in the background to make complex cloud solutions as simple as two clicks.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for reliable, ready-to-use cloud services dramatically increased,” says Alexandre Gonzales, founder of FlashDrive. “For business owners around the world who don’t have access to IT experts and a complete team of developers, launching scalable cloud using current services remains a challenge. FlashDrive solves this enormous challenge by completing each of these tasks automatically – all thanks to a proprietary platform and its deep integration with the renowned container solution, Docker.”

According to Gonzales, it can take weeks for an IT team to imagine, build, test, and launch a container-based solution, including allowing them to test services before release, and keeping a history of modifications to ensure everything runs as intended. Additionally, as the service grows, scaling it to meet global demand presents its own challenges. For example, the service must guarantee data integrity, with no downtime during the deployment of additional resources and keeping everything in sync.

With FlashDrive, however, any developer can create an app in just two clicks - starting with a small initial cost of just $4 per month to test the product, launch a production instance in two more clicks, add more instances to run its app, and upgrade the size of each instance automatically.

Additionally, FlashDrive enables data to be made persistent and pre-built, ready to launch Datastores (including MySQL and PostgreSQL). All apps are load-balanced, if more than one node runs the same application, without the need for any manipulation. SSL certificates are free and unlimited.

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About the Company

FlashDrive is a fully managed solution, highly scalable container-based cloud platform that effortlessly deploys and scales apps. The company’s datacenters are based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Montreal (Canada), Paris (France) and plans to open new locations in the West Coast and Northern Europe in 2021.

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FlashDrive INC
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