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Chef David Beston Presents Latest New York City Food Trends

Chef David Beston presents latest New York City food trends

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2020 / -- Chef David Beston showcases ten of the latest trends to emerge from New York City's thriving food scene.

From butterfly pea powder tea to pink-colored mountain spinach, despite this year proving to be difficult for many in the wake of the ongoing global health crisis, 2020 has still managed to see a number of unlikely culinary creations gather pace on the food scenes of U.S. cities such as New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. A celebrated chef and restaurateur born and raised in the New York area, Manhattan-based David Beston counts down ten of the latest trends making waves on his local food scene.

First, New Yorker and chef David Beston points toward a trio of noticeably colorful culinary trends. Blue butterfly pea powder tea, Beston says, has surged in popularity this year, while purple yams and orach—a vibrant, pink-colored mountain spinach—have also taken off among those passionate about food and drink. Brick toast, an Asian tea shop import, buttered and covered in syrup, custard, or ice cream, is also proving to be another standout trend for 2020, he reports.

A fifth trend, meanwhile, and one which has been gathering pace for the past couple of years according to David Beston, is low and no-alcohol drinks. "The low and no-alcohol drinks scene has really taken off in New York this year," reveals the multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur. Another drinks trend has also seen beverages containing CBD and stress-relieving adaptogens take off - perhaps, David Beston suggests, as alternatives to more conventional wines, beers, and spirits.

Moving on, seventh of award-winning chef David Beston's ten biggest trends to emerge from New York City's thriving food scene this year is alternative flours. Hardly a revelation on the surface, with chickpea, rice, almond, and other alternative flours already garnering fans in huge numbers for years now, 2020 has, Beston points out, turned the market somewhat on its head. "Now it's all about flours made from bananas, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower," proposes the expert, "as well as ingredients such as watermelon seeds."

Finally, and taking eighth, ninth, and tenth place respectively on David Beston's list of the latest New York City food trends are flavored ghee, fermented rice liquor, and puffed vegetable snacks, again, much like brick toast, borrowing heavily from traditional Asian cuisine, he suggests.

Chef David Beston has spoken at length recently on a wealth of food-related topics, including the growing farm-to-table movement, so-called upscale comfort within restaurant dining, and his favorite traditional Italian recipes.

The chef briefly returns focus to the latest trends to emerge from New York City's thriving food scene this year. "An honorable mention must also go out," adds David Beston in closing, "to edible flowers, cane sugar alternatives, and vegetable-based ice cream flavors, such as chocolate chip and spinach - a further three trends which I believe will continue to make waves as we move into 2021 and beyond."

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