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In New Book, Random Tangents, Author and Treasure Hunter Greg Hawk Takes Readers on Treasure Hunt in Life

A Hiker Wandering Through the Desert Experiencing the Hidden Treasures in Life

Embracing Adventures in Life

Random Tangents: Embracing Adventure is Life by Greg Hawk tells of a Path of Life with Many Tangents

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2020 / -- Greg Hawk has a passion for lost treasures and history - and life. In his recently released memoir, Hawk takes readers on a series of real-life adventures from his small town in Illinois to Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and the deserts of Arizona in search of hidden treasures -- both real and philosophical.

Random Tangents: Embracing Adventures in Life (Desert Roamer Press, April 2020), a memoir that reads like an adventure travel novel, is aptly titled, said one reviewer, “It quite literally, is a tangential series of anecdotes, as author Greg Hawk recounts some of the more interesting bits of his life.” Hawk, who now spends his days searching for lost treasure in the Southwest United States, wrote the book to share not only his adventures but his philosophy of life.

“This book gave me an opportunity to share some of the many and varied adventures and obstacles that occurred in my life,” said Hawk. “I believe obstacles appear in everyone's life, but the decision you make to overcome them may set you on a new path in life, a new tangent. My life seems to have had several interesting paths that in the end led me to view the world in a different way.”

Hawk’s memoir of his life’s adventure takes a drastic turn at the end of a divorce as he listens to a gypsy lady in New Zealand predict life events on the path ahead of him. Every obstacle on his path in life has put him on another tangent of learning and struggle, at times driving him to the edge of defeat.

During these years, death seemed to be a constant companion as he witnessed it, as well as facing it personally. As a soldier, a husband, a divorcee, a partner of a successful construction business in Denver, owner of Fantasy Dive Charters in Australia, to being a treasure hunter in the mountains and desert of the Southwest, he faced many self-imposed challenges.

This book is a memoir, dressed in adventure and freedom. The story exalts the triumph of spirit
and defines the meaning of a life well lived. - J. Armstrong, Amazon Reviewer

The book continues to receive rave reviews. “This is more than a memoir: it is a man’s philosophy as related through the steps of his life’s journey to date,” said reviewer Tim Terry. “The results were a life that deviated along interesting and "Random Tangents," that resulted in experiencing many different adventures, countries, and people across the world. The final inspiring message of the book is that whatever you choose to do in life, you should not forget that the experiences and people that you meet, may appear to be part of a series of random events, but they will indelibly influence your life and your own unique position in the universe, forever,” added Terry.

Today, Hawk can be found traveling the Southwest in search of lost treasure, while creating his Treasure Hunting video series that details the history and some of his own insight into treasures still hidden in the deserts of Arizona. His most recent project focuses on the Pine Springs Stagecoach Robbery that took place in 1879 in which $225,000 in newly minted gold coins were taken. The outlaws were killed in a gun battle at the stage station where they robbed the stagecoach, but the gold coins were never found.

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Greg Hawk is the president of Desert Roamer Press, an adventure travel publisher specializing in treasure hunting in the American Southwest. His principal exploration is focused in the state of Arizona with some exploration around the border with California.

Prior to founding Desert Roamer Press, Hawk was the owner/operator of Fantasy Dive Charters out of Port Douglas, Australia. From this base, he led diving expeditions on the Great Barrier Reef and into the Coral Sea while exploring to find sunken ships and planes.

Hawk was raised in a small farm town in Illinois and after two years in college he joined the army and was sent to Vietnam. Returning home, he worked in commercial construction and eventually heavy civil construction focusing on water resource projects for the government and private entities.

He now lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming where he does research for his next treasure hunting adventure. Follow his adventures on where he regularly posts videos and dispatches from the field.

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