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Scrapping Your Old Car: The What, Why, and How

Learn why scrapping your old car may be the best option for you

FAIRLESS HILLS, PA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / -- There comes a time when the amount of money invested into keeping your beloved vehicle running cannot be justified. The countless repairs get more expensive than payments for a new car and you no longer consider your car “reliable”. Your car may be barely passing inspection, or not passing at all. No one will buy your car in this state, so what can you do? The easiest answer would be to sell your car for scrap. There is still value in the various elements of scrap cars – metal, motors, tires, and airbags. There are a few things you must take care of when preparing to scrap your car.

1. The benefits of scrapping an old car

Junk car recycling may put extra money in your wallet while also ridding yourself of your undesirable vehicle. Recycling scrap metal is also much better for the environment. Instead of mining for new materials, already existing materials can be reused. This is also a much cheaper alternative, proving to be better for the economy. A car sitting in a landfill is of no use to any manufacturer, but a recycled car can be used for a wide array of products. Overall, there really are no downsides to scrapping your old and worn out car, especially if you have been planning on getting and can afford a new car to replace it.

2. Clean out your car

Do a thorough search of your vehicle and gather all your personal belongings, searching especially for those of much value to you that may have been misplaced. If your gas tank is relatively full, make sure to use it up if possible, and if not, you can siphon the gas or even just remove the entire gas tank. Some scrapyards will charge an extra fee to remove the gas tank or won’t even accept your car if the gas tank is full. You may also need to empty out the oil and transmission fluid as well. Also make sure to remove your license plate(s). Some states require you to return license plates upon canceling your car’s registration.

3. Remove valuable, salvageable, or unnecessary parts and sell them separately, if possible

If certain parts of your car are still in relatively good shape, they can be sold separately from the car itself. These valuable parts include the catalytic converter, alternator, windows, tires, rims, and airbags. Some scrapping companies require you to remove all non-metal parts of the vehicle, stripping it down just to its metal frame. Some also will charge you an extra fee to dispose of the battery, so it might be a good idea to remove it beforehand and even sell it if it is still in good condition. These guidelines will vary from company to company.

4. Fill out the necessary paperwork

It is probably a good idea to transfer the title over to the scrapyard you are selling to, as this is how the car is legally transferred to another owner meaning that you would no longer be liable for the vehicle. This is not always necessary, but is usually the safest plan. In addition to this, notify the DMV and also cancel your car’s insurance. Let them know that this car will is no longer in service. The next step is to find a scrap metal yard that will give you a fair price for your vehicle. You probably don't have to go far to find reputable scrap metal recycling in PA, NJ, or DE especially because of the proximity to Philadelphia and New York City.

5. Bring your car to the scrapyard

Once you find a reputable dealer who can scrap your car, fill out the necessary paperwork to get everything in order with them, making sure to get a proper quote, too. Once this is done, you can either drive your car to the scrapyard or get it towed. Some companies offer their own complimentary towing service that you can take advantage of. It would be wise to use a company that uses environmentally friendly and sustainable practices to bring more benefits to the process of scrapping your car. If you are in the Philadelphia area, you should have no problem finding the right scrap yard in PA.

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