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The UK's first blockchain internet securities company: VNSMART has obtained the Singapore WSA regulatory license

The online blockchain trading platform aims to bring better transparency and decentralized trading opportunities to global retail investors.

SINGAPORE, February 4, 2021 / -- VNSMART an online blockchain trading platform focusing on improving transparency and decentralized trading opportunities to global retail investors has announced that it has obtained Singapore regulatory persistence. The online platform has now also become the first UK blockchain internet broker, opting to make borderless trading more accessible and allow easier access to cryptocurrency rewards for entry-level traders.

The newly established online blockchain platform, VNSMART, as the company aims to offer new traders’ borderless access to global retail markets. The platform has already sparked interest in dozens of novice traders, as it allows them to communicate, contribute and receive additional cryptocurrency rewards via the platform. Convenient trading platforms such as VNSMART have been pushing for borderless trading opportunities to global investors, especially to those situated in the East.

A spokesperson for VNSMART has responded stating that, “We are the first blockchain broker platform in the introduction zone. Our platform allows users (traders) to easily communicate and receive additional support from our technical and broker team. With this, we have considered security measures, as novice and professional traders may seem skeptical at first - but we want to ensure transparent communication and trading opportunities.”

In recent weeks, a surge of Redditors has managed to spike the stock price of famous American video game merchandiser, GameStop. Traders who, at the time, were using Robinhood, a commission-free trading platform similar to TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab, were quickly cut-off from purchasing GameStop stock as the prices on the market soared. This led to a hoard of traders falling victim to an ill-mannered decision by company CEO Vlad Tenev, stating to protect the company and Robinhood traders, they had to limit the buying of stocks.

Although these instances are something that might become more apparent, VNSMART has ensured traders and onboarding clients that it’s working in close ties with government regulatory agencies, to ensure the protection of assets, and trader privacy. The efficiency of VNSMART has proved to be more lucrative in the long term, as the blockchain platform wants users to have more trading freedom, low initial investment that will deliver higher returns, and receive open-ended communication from the company about recommended stocks that’s performing well.

“Since we have started this platform, our team has ensured traders, and it’s become a mission of the company to offer better and more reliable day-trading opportunities. With this in mind, we also want traders to be well-equipped with the best information and analysis currently trending in the market. We allow traders access to our tools, resources, and other trading products to guarantee a high return on their initial investments,” the spokesperson told us.

VNSMART has remained firmly anchored throughout the perplexing jumps the market has taken over the last few weeks. The newly found company has clarified that it has remained in a good position throughout the GME surge and has already received good reviews from current users of the platform, as opposed to that of Robinhood. As of this week, GME stock has started plummeting, with small increases of 11% as of 3 February 2021.

The platform has opened more ways for retail traders to gain access to the global retail market, but VNSMART still highlights the importance of upcoming markets such as that of Vietnam, and want traders to have more diversified index fund trading breaks.

More about VNSMART

VNSMART was founded by elite IT developers and software engineers, who have gained knowledge and experience from their time working in well-known financial and security companies. Led by the well-known capital Sequoie Capital, its goal is to establish a true blockchain securities trading company, achieve transaction transparency, information symmetry, and an ecological chain created by traders and non-traders. Participating ecological contributors will receive encryption Currency, VNSMART provides commission-free trading, deposit bonuses, simplified and safe trading opportunities in some major markets in the world including the United States and Hong Kong. In addition, as a non-trader, you can also earn your additional passive income through the company's blockchain-mining work. The company has great impetus and hopes that more traders will focus on developing markets, such as Vietnam, Vietnam’s stocks, bonds, ETFs and CFDs with a wide variety of assets.

Visit the VNSMART website for more information or to create a trading profile.

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