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Seduction Cosmetic Center Presents Overview of Tummy Tuck Process and Benefits

The Seduction Cosmetic Center team offers a closer look at the benefits of the popular tummy tuck procedure and what to expect from surgery.

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2021 / -- Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure designed to sculpt a more taut stomach and a slimmer profile. Renowned tummy tuck experts, Seduction Cosmetic Center and its team, based in Miami, Florida, offer a closer look at the process and its benefits for prospective patients considering the surgery.

"Abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck, targets loose skin and weakened muscles in the abdominal area," explains a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative, "that may have developed following pregnancy, weight loss, or simply with the passage of time."

According to Seduction Cosmetic Center, maintaining a fit, toned stomach becomes increasingly difficult for many people as they age. "Flabbiness around the midsection is often highly resistant to even the most determined weight loss and fitness regimes," adds a member of the Seduction Cosmetic Center team.

Seduction Cosmetic Center says this resistance can hang on anything from the condition of a patient's abdominal muscles to the elasticity of their skin and, quite often, even genetics. "A tummy tuck serves to fortify abdominal muscles," they explain, "and remove any excess skin to sculpt and reveal a tauter stomach and a slimmer profile."

Other benefits of a tummy tuck, further to reclaiming a well-toned stomach, Seduction Cosmetic Center reports, include a boost in confidence, removal of stretch marks, and even a reduction in the chances of a patient developing what's known as stress urinary incontinence.

The process has also been found to improve some forms of hernia while at the same time promoting superior posture and bolstering the likelihood of ongoing weight management success. "The results are long-lasting, too," adds one of Seduction Cosmetic Center's experts, "which is very often of the utmost importance to patients considering abdominoplasty."

The procedure itself involves making an incision in the lower abdomen, suctioning out some of the fat, and reconstructing the abdominal wall, according to Seduction Cosmetic Center. Tightening the muscles in the process, additional targeted liposuction may also be employed before the skin is pulled tight and any excess is removed. The incision is then sutured and bandaged, the Florida-based plastic surgery clinic states.

"Preliminary recovery typically takes two to three weeks, after which a patient can return to work and the majority of light activities," says a member of the Seduction Cosmetic Center team.

Full recovery can take up to eight weeks. Any pain should be relatively short-lived, although swelling can persist for a month or more. Following surgery, a compression garment must be worn. "Many patients can expect to be back up on their feet and able to walk around within just 48 hours," adds Seduction Cosmetic Center, wrapping up, "vital to kick-starting the next few weeks of the recovery process."

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