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Two Titans Join Forces to Aid Manufacturing and the National Defense Strategic Supplier Database

Mikie Sherrill, D-NJ 11th District 117th Congress

Mikie Sherrill, D-NJ 11th District 117th Congress

John W. Kennedy CEO NJMEP

John W. Kennedy CEO NJMEP

Lewis A. Weiss, Host, Manufacturing Talk Radio

Lewis A. Weiss, Host, Manufacturing Talk Radio

Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill and NJMEP CEO John W. Kennedy working on industry-changing actions

"This is what national policy is all about - not some Draconian control but the ability to access critical information before the crisis or disaster hits.”
— Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, member, House Armed Services Committee
FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2021 / -- Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ-11) and New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program CEO John W. Kennedy are working together to further the development of a National Defense Strategic Supplier Database that will incorporate data from 50 other Manufacturing Extension Program manufacturer databases to provide immediate access to information on producers of parts, products, and components that may be needed in whatever crisis faces the nation. Recently interviewed on Manufacturing Talk Radio, Congresswoman Sherrill and John Kennedy discussed several topics with hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady, including an infrastructure bill to update and rebuild the backbone of America: it's highways, roads, tunnels, bridges, and other systems that were built and expanded across the decades. Prior to airing, the Congresswoman and Mr. Kennedy provided additional comments. "We have learned from COVID-19 that knowing who makes what, or can make what, in an easily searchable manufacturing database is vital to any coordinated response to a national crisis or regional emergency in this country," said the Congresswoman. "We need to know who makes it, where it is made in this country or overseas, how long it might take to gain access to it in volume, and what the upper limit is for crisis production in a national emergency," she concluded.

"We already have a database of manufacturers for the State of New Jersey with much of the data FEMA or other agencies might need to look at sources of critically needed items in an emergency," said Mr. Kennedy. "We can both enhance the content and expand it to incorporate the data from the other MEP's in the U.S. and Puerto Rico to provide immediate, vital information on sources of supply so that the federal or a state government doesn't have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel to make this transparent, easy to navigate, and fully reliable to respond to a national crisis like a pandemic, or local disaster such as a destructive tornado, earthquake, or flood," Kennedy concluded.

While there are several sources for similar data, such as Google or some other data compiler, those systems are not specifically focused on manufacturers and the parts, components, products, capacity , and other facets of production and delivery to provide accurate, in-depth insight into something as finite as a specific type of mask or syringe needle, or more broad like concrete, cables, wires, or other infrastructure components in various areas of the country needed to respond to the situation at hand. "In the world of business, it is known as a business continuity plan, where you pre-plan how to respond to various disruption scenarios in your business, whether it is a supplier that suddenly ceases supplying, or total inaccessibility of your production facilities and operations," said Lew Weiss, host of Manufacturing Talk Radio and president of All Metals and Forge Group. "We have had one for years, and we adapted to the impacts of COVID-19 without losing a single order or employee," Weiss concluded.

"This is what national policy is all about - not some Draconian control but the ability to access critical information immediately and easily because the data has already been built before the crisis or disaster hits," said Congresswoman Sherrill. Kennedy added, "We have been a proponent of creating such a database for many years, and are probably further down the road than other resources, with a particular focus on manufacturing. In fact, we just launched a show on the Manufacturing Talk Radio platform called Manufacturing Partnerships...Making Waves, where we will be speaking with many of the other MEP's across the country, which is a perfect time to highlight their vital contribution to the National Defense Strategic Supplier Database," he concluded.

"We will continue to follow this important story on the Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast to keep everyone in the loop who is tuned in to our content, because this is getting ahead of the next issue before it gets too far ahead of us," said Tim Grady, podcast co-host. Additional information can be found at as it is added to the content and conversations.

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Congresswoman Sherrill serves as Freshman Whip for the New Democrat Coalition, and sits on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee. She is the Chairwoman of the Environment Subcommittee for the Science, Space, and Technology Committee. Her full biographical information at

John W. Kennedy came to NJMEP in 2012, he found a place where he could support a critical Industry that means all the difference to our independence as a Country, while keeping New Jersey in the forefront of technology. NJMEP is his ultimate ‘fit’ as a professional. John is a proud Eagle Scout and National Distinguished Eagle. NJ Manufacturing…it is our time again!

Mr. Lewis A Weiss is president of All Metals & Forge Group, LLC. Lew has over 60 years in the metals industry. He is a manufacturer of open die forgings and seamless rolled rings. Lew’s primary business, All Metals & Forge Group sells forged products globally to OEMs, major manufacturers, mid-size and second-tier suppliers, and metalworking companies. In 2013, Mr. Weiss and his business associate Tim Grady launched Manufacturing Talk Radio, where breaking news, emerging technology, business trends and economic forecasts are broadcast via podcast. The show’s conversational format and industry-specific content aims to inform and educate listeners by providing a forum where a variety of manufacturing issues can be discussed. Along with the weekly broadcasts, Manufacturing Talk Radio’s website ( offers a podcast archive and a news industry source. 

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