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The Haitian Diaspora Welcomes Appointment of Judge Joseph Mécène Jean Louis as Transitional President in Haiti

The Haitian Diaspora Worldwide Welcomes Judge Joseph Mecene Jean Louis as transitional president in Haiti and pledges its support.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, February 9, 2021 / -- The Haitian Diaspora acknowledges that Jovenel Moise’s presidential term as Haiti’s president expired on February 7, 2021, in accordance with Article 134.2 of the 1987 Constitution, as amended. On February 8, 2021, the opposition, in consultation with other stakeholders and according to the Constitution, has chosen the Honorable Judge Joseph Mécène Jean-Louis, the most senior judge of La Cour de Cassation (Haiti’s Supreme Court) to head the transitional government. Thus, the Haitian Diaspora supports this choice and pledges to work with the new president to ensure the return of the country to democratic order.

The new president will face many challenges, the most important being guaranteeing the security of person and property. Among other issues are the following: A much needed constitutional reform to address the concerns of the Haitian Diaspora; the organization of free and fair local, legislative, and presidential elections; the political stability of the country through economic development, including Diaspora investments. Though daunting, these challenges are not insurmountable. The Haitian Diaspora is prepared to marshal its resources to aid the new president in achieving those lofty goals. We urge governments all over the world, especially the United States, Canada, France, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Russia, and others to immediately recognize President Jean-Louis as the legitimate president of Haiti. Equally, we urge these countries to suspend all dealings with Jovenel Moise who is still holding onto power in violation of the Haitian Constitution.

On February 7, 2021, Mr. Moïse ordered the arrest of Judge Yvickel Dabrésil, a Judge of Haiti’s Supreme Court on trumped-up charges of coup d’état, without an arrest warrant and in violation of the Haitian constitution. Reportedly, Judge Dabrésil has been beaten, a gross violation of human rights. Presently, gangs working for Jovenel Moïse, dressed in Haitian police uniforms, have encircled the Supreme Court building in search of Judge Jean-Louis. We ask all friends of Haiti to take swift action to avoid a blood bath in the country.

As Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, and President pro-tempore of the United States Senate, tweeted on February 6, “Feb 7th marks the end of Pres. Moise’s term in Haiti. The country is in worse shape than when he began w/ rampant poverty, corruption & gang violence in which the govt. is complicit. The US should join in calling for an inclusive transition that represents the Haitian people.”

We, in the Haitian Diaspora share and support the view of Senator Leahy, and we call on the American Government, including Congress and the U.S. Senate, to swiftly recognize Judge Joseph Mécène JeanLouis as President of Haiti.


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