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AgTech Leader FluroSat Acquires Dagan to Unlock Potential and Profitability of Resilient Agriculture

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Regrow Is First Single Platform to Systemize, Scale and Monetize Sustainable Ag Practices; Measure and Verify Soil Health, Carbon Outcomes

It's been difficult for the industry to realize the return on investment in resilient ag. Regrow provides a single platform to deliver actionable, measurable, profitable agronomic solutions.”
— Dr. Anastasia Volkova, CEO, Regrow

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, February 22, 2021 / -- Today FluroSat, an emerging global leader in crop science, and Dagan, Inc., known for its expertise in soil health, announced the launch of Regrow - a new company providing single, systemized solutions to scaling, measuring and monetizing resilient agriculture practices. FluroSat officially acquired Dagan in January of this year.

FluroSat founder and Regrow CEO, Dr. Anastasia Volkova, says the combination of best-in-class agronomy, soil biogeochemical modeling and proven Measurement, Reporting & Verification (MRV) processes create a market-leading offering that can unlock the value of carbon markets and drive universal adoption of sustainable agriculture practices across the entire supply chain.

“Every stakeholder, from the smallest farmer to the largest CPG company, understands the importance and urgency of addressing climate change – it’s just been difficult to realize the return on investment of time, labor and input costs,” says Dr. Volkova. “The power of Regrow is that we can now deliver to our customers clear, actionable and profitable sustainable agronomy solutions.”

Key tenets of Regrow include:
o Agronomy: satellite-collected data that is aggregated and analyzed to optimize crop management and monitoring adoption of conservation practices
o Precision: site-specific analysis and custom interventions at each stage of the supply chain - by crop, field, farm and region that can also account for unpredictability in weather
o Scale: one solution that can be implemented with efficacy, efficiency and consistency both locally by crop advisors and farmers, and globally by retailers, food processors and CPGs
o Measurement, Reporting & Verification (MRV): scientific methodologies that can accurately assess, and, even set, sustainability goals with transparency and accountability
o Revenue: unlocking new sustainability-driven funding streams for farmers, CPG companies and investors

Dagan co-founder, and Regrow’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. William Salas, says there is a clear and immediate opportunity for the food and ag industry to utilize Regrow Ag given the increase in demand, and marketplace advantage, for actively addressing climate change, in particular the reduction of carbon emissions.

“Soil carbon sequestration is finally emerging as a globally relevant strategy for drawing down excess atmospheric carbon dioxide. Shortcuts, misconceptions and over-hyping have the potential to stunt the tremendous potential of soil carbon,” says Dr. Salas, “but the merger of FluroSat and Dagan will give the industry the confidence and integrity it needs with best-in-class soil health data that can prescribe site-specific strategies and provide accuracy and transparency that will help companies succeed in carbon markets."

Industry Support
Microsoft’s M12 venture fund led the investment in FluroSat’s last round, backing their vision for how AgTech can solve some of our most critical population and planetary issues.

“Over the next decade, we need to grow and produce enough food to nourish 10 billion people around the world in a way that protects our land and stems climate change,” says Ranveer Chandra, Chief Scientist, Azure Global at Microsoft. “Regrow’s computational agriculture, using machine learning and scientific modeling, will help improve the accuracy of accounting for soil carbon, and bring farmers closer to benefitting from carbon markets.”

That confidence and enthusiasm for Regrow is echoed by the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) – a non-profit consortium of more than 60 corporates, agriculture producers and agricultural supply chain stakeholders focused on building science-based ecosystem service markets that incentivize farmers and ranchers to improve soil health systems.

“American’s farmers and ranchers are critical actors in stemming and combatting climate change,” says Debbie Reed, Executive Director, ESMC. “Regrow is the first science-based system to integrate and apply the rigor and scalability needed for producers to achieve measurable, monetizable outcomes while also allowing flexibility in how they manage their operations.”

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About Regrow
Regrow is the first AgTech platform to effectively and efficiently incentivize universal adoption of resilient agriculture across the entire supply chain. The company is pioneering a new generation of computational agriculture, utilizing best-in-class agronomy, soil science and machine learning to create flexible on-farm solutions and measurable, monetizable outcomes. The company will officially roll out its new, complete offerings later this year. Regrow is the result of global crop science leader FluroSat’s acquisition of Dagan, which is known around the world for its soil science expertise.

About the Founders
Ukrainian scientist Dr. Anastasia Volkova founded FluroSat to meet her vision and passion for making science-based agronomy and sustainable crop management an industry standard, and to foster close collaborations between industry and research. Dr. Volkova is an Amelia Earhart Fellow and an MIT 35 Under 35 Innovator. The company launched in 2016 with backing by Microsoft’s M12 Venture Fund, Main Sequence Ventures and Space Angels and currently monitors fields in 45 countries.

Dr. William Salas is the co-founder of Dagan, which was spun out of Applied Geosolutions, LLC in 2018 with investment from the Grantham Environmental Trust. Dagan’s unique satellite data and soil process models are currently used by such companies as General Mills and Ecosystem Services Markets Consortium.


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