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Thoughts, Dreams and Altering our Reality by Ramzi Najjar Author of "The YOU beyond you - The knowledge of the willing"



How our thinking mechanism works within our reality and how we can work on self-betterment and transformation within this context.

BEIRUT, LEBANON, February 24, 2021 / -- When I started writing my book “The YOU beyond you” I didn’t realize at first how the whole picture will turn out to be, especially that I had in hand some bits and pieces of notes, realizations, and insights on many life matters, scattered here and there all over my diary. I was amazed when I read the whole book for the first time on how all the puzzle pieces came together as a consistent clear glowing picture. I knew then that I have turned my handwritten notes and ideas into something big and relevant. The book came all together as a large contemplation on the nature of our existence and how everything operates within us and our environment. This big puzzle reflected for sure the amazing dynamics of our reality and the pillars on which all our life is based.
We usually experience life through our limited senses and try to collect as much information from what surrounds us from our experiences, actions, social interactions, and thoughts and consider this information as knowledge. Moreover, we, subjectively validate what we know as being always true and turn it into rigid beliefs. What we usually experience all relies on our brain’s ability to read the amassed data by subjecting it to electricity.
What our mind fails consciously to comprehend is that most of the time we gather our knowledge in a very chaotic manner, allowing everything we are being subjected to, to become a part of our reality.
To control our unconscious, which is the summation of all information our brain gathers throughout our body cells, our organs as well as our senses and thinking process, one should start to organize the intake of data obtained from the outside of whatever nature, food, relations, experiences, etc… Therefore, filtering our experiences and avoiding toxic information to get in is a must. Thinking makes us who we are and how we get shaped as individual human beings in our reality, as it is the main motor that leads to acting, whether we are aware of it or not.
Reality is for a man or a woman born in a dark room and locked in there for like 30 years, becomes the darkroom, its walls, and the taste of the food and water they are being supplied with. However, the constant wondering and thinking of what could lie behind the room walls cannot be halted in any way; a million scenarios can surely be established inside the mind of the locked person.
Thus, all stimuli we gather from the outside, determine the type and nature of the person we become on the inside.
Our thoughts emanate directly from the pool of data we have collected throughout our lives. Thus, what we think of, and act upon is a direct result of the framework of already acquired information saved in us. Thoughts in that sense can become limitations, but if consciously modeled we can achieve a breakthrough from all constraints in our lives. Therefore, when we are going through life immersions, we can use the gathered thought fragments from here and there to build more effective new thought connections in our minds, that would work in our favor.
Our thinking process is like a Lego game where we can associate, dissociate, re-associate or fully dismantle what has already been built inside and model it into something completely new.
This ability to gather information from what surrounds us is due to the nature of our reality. Our mind keeps unconsciously extracting and attracting data and information as mental fuel from the world around us.
Our thoughts are more physical than you can imagine! They are the direct result of the exchange of memory particles between us and our environment on a below-micro level and thoughts as well as all that surrounds us, are a result of the association and dissociation, and storage of this information. The fluid connection between us and the environment around us, based on “pull and repel through magnetism in all matter in this universe is an ongoing and eternal process, yet in constant never-ending change.
The more information gathered through the memory particles available around us, the more tools to re-model our reality we gain within this logic.
So far as scientifically experienced our atoms are formed by smaller constituent particles and research has reached the “Planck” particle level. The memory particles which constitute existence are even smaller and tiniest and all interconnected through a constant exchange of information between them.
When we think or take action our thoughts are spread across the Universe by our brain through the electricity it generates and the magnetism they hold. Vice versa through the reverse process our brain subtracts information from our Universe for us to use through many sources, the least to mention is in food, air, free particle exchanges among a lot of others, as whatever we experience is of the same nature on this extremely minute particle level.
This where dreams come into the picture. Dreams are the reflection of this unconscious unseen process of particles exchange in our brains. They can be soothing or frightening depending on the fragments of memory we willingly or unwillingly acquire.
What we call “dreaming” is a constant process, which goes beyond sleeping and occurs all the time even when we are awake. Dreaming is our thinking process which is based on the association and dissociation of bits and pieces of newly acquired data and trying unconsciously to link data in our brain and body.
Dreaming is our thinking process at work! When awake, we do not accord it so much importance as it is happening when we are being preoccupied with our life issues. However, it becomes much more relevant at night where everything else is lowered to its lowest.
Filter what you get in and what you let yourself be exposed to as what you will become and what your reality will be is whatever data you amass.

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Thoughts, Dreams and Altering your Reality - By Ramzi Najjar Award-winning Author of "The YOU beyond you"