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NexNord Technologies launches "state of the art UVC LED Technology to kill/de-activate coronavirus in air ventilation

Proven "UVC LED" technology at 80 watts and 280 nanometers eradicates Covid 19. Installing the product allows schools/long term care etc to save lives now!

LAMBTON SHORES, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 25, 2021 / -- NexNord Technologies in partnership with Nichia LED a world leader in LED chip technology combined to create a life saving venue that installs easily in any air duct ventilation system. Schools and Long Term Care are especially prone to second and third outbreaks as they do not realize that just adding HEPA filters will not stop the transmission of the virus in their air system!

The UVC LED has proven test results and data to eradicate the covid 19 virus as it is over 80% airborne and ventilation systems are prime carriers.

We are collaborating with Professor Hadas Hamane of Tel Aviv University in Israel as she has done extensive tests on "live" coronavirus samples so there was no simulation. Now we are working with her for solutions on surfaces(which we now have in a hand held model) and more importantly water!

Some of the important data collected proves that 59 milliwatts of radiant flux is what is required to kill the virus at 1" above the covid. Our fixture is rated at 1960 milliwatts of radiant flux so we can effectively use it at higher mounting heights and insure it completely nihilates the virus in air ventilation systems.

We are also collaborating with Professor Mark Hernandez of the University of Colorado in Boulder for further UVC LED testing to allow us to expand into future life saving devices in the near future.

Our units are currently in Cedars Sinai and Monterrey Hospitals in California being used to dis-infect patients rooms, surgical theatres and laboratories and we look forward to their results in the near future. We are also about to work with the University of Western Ontario ImPakt Research Centre in London Ontario to partner with other Coronavirus technology that detects the coronavirus in the air. This technology combined with our UVC LED product in the air ventilation system would guarantee early detection and then eradication of the virus in a combined effort of technologies.

Originally our UVC LED product was being developed for the Germicidal/Horticultural market. It again is proven UVC LED enhances the quality and speed of growth in plant food, flowers and cannabis as well as killing mold and spider mites. However when the virus hit early last year we completely reversed our efforts to Covid 19 as we knew there was an excellent chance it could have a profound effect on eliminating the virus and saving lives. Now our goal is to get the word out to basically the world as our technology knows no boundaries, no prejudice, no politics it is for all to utilize to eliminate a tragic pandemic the world has never seen before and hopefully with these types of technologies never again.

There is another benefit that all need to realize, right now we are all wrapped up with Covid but UVC LED also eradicates the Cold and Flu virus all bacteria's and whatever is coming after the coronavirus!! Everyone is hearing the concerns now about numerous new variants of the coronavirus and we are prepared to eliminate these as well with this same UVC LED technology in various forms.

We as a Canadian company are very proud to have been able on short notice make an impact and will continue to do so as this technology advances and we can contribute to saving lives.

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NexNord Technologies
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