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Dr. Joon Faii Ong, CEO of GyroGear, brings together medicine, science and bioengineering to create the GyroGlove

Dr. Joon Faii Ong, CEO of GyroGear, brings together medicine, science and bioengineering to create the GyroGlove


GyroGear CEO Dr. Joon Faii Ong is the inventor behind the GyroGlove—a wearable technology designed to reduce hand tremors in the 200 million people suffering from bodily tremors globally. His company recently walked away as the first runner-up in Southeast Asia’s SLINGSHOT 2020, a startup competition with 7500+ competing entries, four years after the incorporation of his company GyroGear.

Drawing upon his background in medicine, science and bioengineering, Faii Ong sought to innovate at the intersection of all three fields. In addition to excelling in business, science, and engineering, Faii Ong has made a name for himself in medical device research. He earned his medical degree at Imperial College London and aspired to become a reconstructive and craniofacial surgeon with an interest in transplant surgery. Now he serves as the full-time CEO of GyroGear.

GyroGear was awarded $3.3+ million in grant money, from the UK government and EU Horizon 2020. Faii Ong previously participated in high-profile research at Harvard Medical School and in Harvard-MIT’s Health Science and Technology Division, where he focused on medical devices, regenerative medicine, and stem cell therapy. Faii Ong has taken this knowledge with him to lead his team of precision engineers and healthcare experts.

During his student days, Faii Ong has published articles in high-level industry journals, such as Nature Communications and the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Since then, major publications—ranging from the BBC to Popular Science to Reuters—have also covered GyroGear’s work.

In addition to dedicating his life to medicine and science, Faii Ong is highly passionate about giving back through service. He served in Singapore, India, and Nepal, where he has helped communities in need.

About GyroGear
GyroGear Ltd is a neuromuscular medical device company incorporated in 2016 by Dr Faii Ong. It is the only medical device company worldwide to utilize mechanical gyroscopes. Whilst still a student at Imperial College London, Dr Ong was moved to action after witnessing the distress experienced by a 103-year-old patient with tremulous hands at a London hospital. Dr Ong and his team invented the GyroGlove™ as a solution to help millions in the same situation.

GyroGear's flagship product is the GyroGlove™, a wearable device that mechanically stabilizes hand tremors with cutting-edge aerospace-grade gyroscopes.

The GyroGlove™ has demonstrated promising results. Volunteers are able to put on the GyroGlove™ independently, and start to feed themselves, insert keys into keyholes, write once more, and for some, even thread a needle and sew again.

GyroGear Ltd
GyroGear Ltd
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