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MG Velos 100 UAV

FAA has approved the availability of MG Velos 100 airworthiness criteria as part of MissionGO’s Type Certificate and Production Certificate application.

It is an incredible achievement for MG Velos100 to initially meet the FAA’s airworthiness criteria. We provide our proven UAS platform and expecting soon to be licensed as the first UAS in its class.”
— Aris Kolokythas
DELAWARE, USA, April 29, 2021 / -- FAA has approved the availability of MG Velos 100 airworthiness criteria as part of MissionGO’s Type Certificate and Production Certificate application, a significant milestone for the Unmanned Aircraft System capabilities. The MG Velos 100 is based on the successful and proven UAS platform of Velos that sells UAVs globally since 2014.

This crucial progress towards Type Certification of the MG Velos 100 manufactured by MissionGO with Velos Rotors as the prime supplier will advance the UAS to a new level of operations leveraging its top of the class safety, unprecedented reliability, and unique flight characteristics.

Aris Kolokythas, Founder and Director of R&D at Velos Rotors said “It is an incredible achievement for MG Velos 100 to meet the FAA’s airworthiness criteria as part of the Type Certification process. We will provide our proven UAS platform to MissionGO and expecting soon MG Velos 100 to be licensed and fully operational as the first UAS in its class. Safety is of paramount importance for the UAS which is why this FAA certification milestone is a big step not just for Velos and MissionGO but for the industry. MG Velos 100 will help the unmanned airline industry to expand in different projects and services and will soon experience very high growth. This is clearly the start of a new era in the Unmanned Aviation”

“Ultimately, the FAA’s Type Certification approval will qualify us to deliver on possibilities we’ve been preparing for and imagining for years,” said MissionGO Executive Vice President for UAS Cargo Operations Frank Paskiewicz. “Our goal is to be certified to fly precious medical cargo from Point A to Point B with even more speed and efficiency than before, saving time that could literally save lives. Type Certification will be a major milestone in proving we can conduct this important mission in a safe and reliable manner.”

About Velos Rotors
Velos Rotors is the industry-leading manufacturer of unmanned rotorcraft UAS and components, delivering cutting-edge technology to customers around the globe since 2014. As MissionGO’s prime supplier, Velos is providing component parts to MissionGO’s MG Velos 100 aircraft. Velos’ redundant component designs significantly reduce the risk of major failures and optimize performance and reliability. Learn more about Velos Rotors at

About MissionGO
MissionGO is setting a new standard for next-generation transportation logistics. By leveraging unmanned aircraft systems, MissionGO delivers improved reliability, reduced costs, and increased transparency to benefit multiple sectors, including healthcare and utilities. The company is led by CEO/Co-Founder Scott Plank and funded by Scott Plank Ventures Impact investments. Learn more at

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