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Latosha Stanfield of Stanfield’s Max Tax Refund Wins $10k Grant from Beyoncé and the NAACP

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2021 / -- LaTosha Stanfield is proud to announce that she has won a $10,000 grant from Beyoncé for her business, Stanfield’s Max Tax Refund. The money, given in conjunction with the NAACP, is awarded to small black-owned businesses that significantly impact their communities. In the current round that LaTosha won, 715 other companies were awarded nationally.

The award is a huge validation of the excellent work that LaTosha and her company have been doing in helping black-owned businesses. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, she has been quite active in helping small businesses access government assistance even in situations where they have proven to have bad credit and may not qualify for most loans. For instance, she has helped many small businesses access EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) and the Paycheck Protection Program even when their books of accounts may ideally disqualify them from most credit forms. She can help them because she understands accounting, especially the tax planning part of it.

LaTosha is a certified tax preparer and has been running her consultancy business for about 6-years. Besides her experience, she has studied accounting and taxes in multiple institutions in Texas. Some of the institutions where she honed her skills include: Willey College in Marshall Texas, El Centro College in Dallas Texas, Central Texas College in Killeen Texas, Texas State Technical College in Marshall Texas, Colorado Technical University, Vista College in Longview, and Kaplan University. All this has given her a solid understanding of Texas’s tax laws and how to legally navigate them for the benefit of small businesses. This understanding has helped her have a massive impact to the extent of winning the $10k award from Beyoncé.

Besides having the requisite knowledge to help small businesses with their tax issues, LaTosha is also driven by the need to help small business people, especially black people, get more empowered. This has a lot to do with her awareness of her environment. She understands that black-owned businesses are more likely to struggle to maintain good records to help them access credit facilities from banks. They are also likely to be run by people who may not understand finance and marketing to compete effectively, especially during tough economic times. This has been one of the reasons why she has focused her time and resources towards helping these businesses access government financing that can help them weather the storm, and restructure their operations for a more sustainable future.

With the $10k that she has won, LaTosha intends to put a sizeable portion of it into digital marketing. She has already identified a digital marketing company that she will hire for this role. The idea behind investing in digital marketing is quite simple. She wants to reach as many as possible with her tax planning services. This way, she can help a much larger community get their tax and finance issues to make a more prosperous future. The goal is to uplift as many small businesses as possible, by helping them avoid common tax pitfalls that tend to bring down small businesses, especially those run by people with zero understanding of the tax system. Long-term, she intends to scale her operations beyond Texas and reach as many small businesses as possible nationally. She is already in the process of understanding the tax codes in States where she intends to expand her operations. She also intends to hire people who have a good understanding of tax codes in the respective States she intends to expand to, for more efficient service delivery. Her long-term goal is to build an accounting services business that has a national reach.

LaTosha also intends to use a portion of the money she won to run an inspiration campaign for black-owned businesses. She wants to inspire them to do more and aim to positively impact their communities. Her goal from this awareness campaign is to help create a network of businesses that will help uplift the black community in the long run. At 46-years of age, LaTosha understands too well that one of the big problems in the black community faces is the lack of strong, local business influencers that people can easily relate to. When young people know that they can be recognized for creating jobs and doing good for the community, such an influencer network can emerge. It can also help uplift entire communities’ income levels by creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. This is especially important for LaTosha because she wants her children to grow up in a much better society than she found. With the efforts she has put towards helping small struggling business access a financial lifeline during the pandemic, she is on the way to making the world a better place for her kids, and the community at large.

LaTosha is a tax preparer, and the founder of Stanfield’s Max Tax Refund. She offers accountancy services, tax planning, business valuations, specialized CPA services, international tax consultancy, and general accounting and finance consultancy services through this firm. The firm is based on 2409 S. Eastman Rd, Longview, TX 75602. To learn more about their services, visit their office, or check out their website on You can also get in touch via phone on 903-240-1743, and LaTosha will personally attend to you. LaTosha's interview was also recently featured on Inspirery.

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