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Zachor Legal Institute Reminds ILWU Local 10 of the National Labor Relations Act's Prohibition on Secondary Boycotts

Zachor Legal Institute

Terror-backed BDS movement affiliates threatens ship due to perceived Jewish ownership.

Recent agitation by groups promoting unlawful secondary boycotts of Jews has resulted in an epidemic of antisemitic attacks...Local 10 and the ILWU must take a stand against such racism.”
— Marc Greendorfer, President, Zachor Legal Institute

BOZEMAN, MONTANA, USA, May 27, 2021 / -- Zachor Legal Institute Reminds International Longshore and Warehouse Union of Its Obligations to Not Participate in Secondary Labor Boycotts.

After learning of a proposed attack by terror-connected groups on a cargo ship with Jewish ownership scheduled to dock and unload at the Port of Oakland, Zachor Legal Institute sent a detailed letter to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 10 on May 16, 2021, reminding them that any coordination, support or participation by members of the union with those engaging in the discriminatory action would violate applicable provisions of the National Labor Relations Act regarding secondary labor boycotts. A copy of our letter is available at Zachor’s website:

In 2014, a similar unlawful secondary boycott against another ship with Jewish ownership occurred at the Port of Oakland, with members of Local 10 acknowledging that they supported the racist aims of the terror-connected group. Claiming that the police presence at the port, necessitated by the violence brought by the antisemitic group, represented a security risk to union members, Local 10 facilitated the ultimately unsuccessful secondary boycott.

As Zachor pointed out in its May 16 letter (a copy of which was also sent to the executive offices of the ILWU as well as the National Labor Relations Board), secondary labor boycotts (where a union targets a party other than the primary employer in a dispute) are prohibited under the National Labor Relations Act.

It is the obligation of Local 10 and ILWU management to remind their members that taking part in any secondary labor boycott is not permitted, even if the union members are not the primary organizers of the unlawful boycott. Using police presence, or the violence threatened by boycott organizers, as a pretext for complying with the boycott does not provide the union, or its members, with a basis for evading legal liability for violating National Labor Relations Act rules.

Recent agitation by groups promoting unlawful secondary boycotts of Jews has resulted in an epidemic of antisemitic attacks across the country and throughout the world. These groups are responsible for the spread of anti-Jewish violence and use the same tactics and stereotypes that were used to foment boycotts, violence and genocide against Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe. Local 10 and the ILWU must take a stand against such racism.

Even organizations like the ACLU acknowledge that secondary labor boycotts, such as the one proposed at the Port of Oakland, do not have First Amendment protections and the United States Supreme Court has consistently upheld prohibitions on secondary boycotts.

Further, American consumers, already being subjected to significant price increases in many goods, will suffer even more if discriminatory boycotts regarding foreign conflicts are allowed to further impact supply chains.

Zachor Legal Institute calls on Local 10 and the ILWU to ensure that union members do not violate the prohibition on secondary boycotts. In the event members of Local 10 violate National Labor Relations Act in relation to the proposed boycott, Zachor Legal Institute will work with relevant parties to ensure that the National Labor Relations Board takes appropriate enforcement action.

About Zachor Legal Institute:
Zachor Legal Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit legal advocacy organization focusing on eliminating discrimination. Among Zachor Legal Institute’s areas of focus is confronting discriminatory boycotts that have been promoted by a group known as the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (“BDS”) movement. The BDS movement has deep and extensive ties to designated foreign terrorist organizations, including Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and has infiltrated a number of organizations to spread a discriminatory agenda aimed at Jews and companies that do business with and in Israel. The ultimate goal of BDS is to disenfranchise Jews, the indigenous people of the land of Israel, and ethnically cleanse Israel. BDS activity has now been embraced by far left extremists as well as white supremacist groups, united in their promotion of antisemitism. Tax deductible donations to Zachor can be made at Zachor's website.

Marc Greendorfer
Zachor Legal Institute