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How to Make Office Parties More Fun This Year

Stop throwing boring office parties! Read our tips to find out how you can throw a fun and exciting office party.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / -- Whether it is a Halloween special, St. Patrick’s Day, or the annual holiday bash, we can all agree that office parties can either be one of two things – painfully boring or hilariously fun-filled for everyone. And the difference in both outcomes lies in event planning, not on the young company employees or the availability of drinks (sorry guys, but that’s the sad truth)

Sure, you can get away with putting all your employees in one big room filled with tempting booze and snacks – but that does not mean you had a fun party! In fact, this approach is the main reason most employees are not excited about office parties, as they would rather lie in bed and Netflix, rather than awkwardly mingle with people and engage in small pretentious talks and awkwardly mingle with people.

How to Plan Fun Office Par-ties!
Let’s face it – planning your company’s next holiday party can be stressful and daunting! Not only do you have to exceed last year’s party by doing something new and creative, but you also have to work within a budget that may or may not turn your party into a big flop.

So, how do you throw a mind-blowing office party that employees will remember for a long time? The answer is simple. You plan some fun and exciting team-building activities for everybody! Most organizations found out that employees had greater satisfaction and more meaningful connections when they went for fun team-building activities than the regular boring parties. Additionally, parties like this also give off a positive company brand and encourage collaboration amongst workers in all departments. So, it is a win-win situation for both the employees and the organization.

A Different Kind of Party!
212Quest is quite innovative when it comes to adding spice to your office holiday parties. We know planning a fun-filled party with team-bonding activities is stressful. You have to figure out what your employees love, plan the games, manage planners, check out various locations, and even book restaurants or karaoke bars – if the after-party is outside the office.

Luckily for you, 212Quest is the best solution to all your party problems. We provide fun team-building games that make your office parties both entertaining and memorable. We know what employees love to do during parties and we create games that are thrilling and engaging. And the best part is that we take planning out of your hands!

Yes, 212Quest handles all the planning and execution! We also coordinate participants during the game- so you have fewer worries, and everybody can fully participate and enjoy the party.

Give Your Employees The Best Office Parties Every Time!
The best way to ramp up the fun and throw a one-in-a-kind of an office party is by getting everybody to participate in activities, and what better way to do that than through 212Quest scavenger hunts!

With our scavenger hunts, you can break employees into teams and let them chase after clues, roam cities, take funny photos, and complete challenges that lead them to the ultimate prize. We offer these daring team-building activities all year round, and our holiday-themed scavenger hunts are designed to put your employees in a festive mood. Plus, you also get to customize these hunts however and wherever you want – now, that is freaking awesome!
When you book a scavenger hunt with 212Quest, we pick locations that highlight the best places in your city and include challenges that enhance your employee’s fun experience.

Whether Indoors or Outdoors, End Your Party With A Bang!
Now, this is where all the drinks and delicious delicacies come in! The game ends with everybody in one location like a restaurant, karaoke bar, or conference room (if indoors), where they continue the party. The teams come together and talk about their fun experience or whatever message you want to reinforce over drinks and mouthwatering food.

If you like the idea of an indoor scavenger hunt, 212Quest can also do that for you. Our indoor scavenger hunts include trivia challenges, riddles, funny photos, and you can reward participants with anything provided in the 212Quest package.

Plan That Exciting Party Now!
Want to plan an exciting and adventurous office party? We can help you with that! Just contact 212Quest, tell us your preferences, and our highly skilled staff will handle the rest. We have planned and executed team-building activities for companies, and we can do the same for you.
Contact us now and take your office party from boring to fun!

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