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Gautam Arora MD has launched in order to help more patients living in India

Dr. Gautam is an experienced neurologist and interventional pain physician who owns two clinics - one in Delhi, India, and another in New York City

I want to help all medical patients in India. This website is a good start.”
— Gautam Arora

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, July 23, 2021 / -- Dr. Gautam is an experienced neurologist and interventional pain physician who owns two clinics - one in Delhi, India, and another in New York, USA. During the early years of his career, he served patients in and around the states of New York and Georgia. Later on, he decided to open GNG Medical Supplies in New York followed by the Neurology and Pain Management Clinic (NPMC) in Delhi, India.

Driven by his passion to help more people, he recently discovered a way where he can give patients better access to healthcare services, especially in trying times such as this. Thus, he started an initiative to develop a telehealth website to be known as

As web access increases in India, telehealth is also becoming popular because patients are looking for a reliable and affordable option. In response to this growing need, Dr. Gautam is helping to bring this option to people living there.

Aside from the notable increase in web access, the COVID-19 Pandemic has also played an important role in telehealth growth in the country. More than being a worldwide health crisis, it has caused a decline in economies and resulted to a growing fear among people which hinders them from going to hospitals for medical care.

Because of this, the Indian government was compelled to push for and strengthen the establishment of telehealth. Many medical practitioners have also transitioned to providing online consultation services in order to continuously serve people despite restrictions being put in place.

Furthermore, now that many people are looking for a safer way to access medical advice amidst the pandemic, Dr. Gautam realized that it is high time for them to maximize the use of technology and develop a website that will connect patients to medical professionals without worrying about being infected with the dreaded virus.

Additionally, it will be a great help in addressing some of the prevailing issues regarding access to medical care in the country. According to a research published in 2006, while 75 percent of Indians live in rural areas, 75 percent of doctors in the country can be found in cities. Because of this, patients are having a hard time receiving basic healthcare services. But now that the government and medical sector are working together to improve and develop telehealth services, there’s also an opportunity for them to change this situation.

With the rise of telehealth websites, patients will have the chance to receive medical advice at an affordable price without having to travel miles just to reach a doctor. Aside from that, they wouldn’t have to worry too much about not having adequate medical facilities to cater them in rural health centers.

As for doctors, it will be easier for them to conduct monitoring and communicate with their patients as online platforms are provided. It is also one way to protect both patients and doctors from potential exposure to diseases. In addition, medical professionals will be able to help more patients, including those who live in areas where mobility is mostly a problem.

Once launched, will be exclusively available to patients in India, providing them with telehealth services for a very reasonable price. Starting August 1, 2021, Dr. Gautam and the team will start seeing patients on the telehealth website and in NPMC in Delhi.

Along with NPMC, it will give patients access to diagnostic tests such as EEG, EMG, and NCV. Aside from that, General Neurology services and intervention techniques for back and neck pain, multiple sclerosis, memory disorders, and neuromuscular disease among others will also be available.

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