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I'm 100% that Witch

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Nim The Last Red Witch Poster

Actors Nikki Kim and B.A. Tobin

Actors Nikki Kim and B.A. Tobin

Composer Roman Molino Dunn and Filmmaker Toni Morgan Haye

Composer Roman Molino Dunn and Filmmaker Toni Morgan Haye

Spooky animation series in development

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 19, 2021 / -- Hitting Amazon Prime Video in early 2022 is Nim the Last Red Witch and it’s set to be a firm favorite with children, adults, and every teen in between. We’ve all seen witches in films and cartoons; long noses, missing teeth, monstrous warts and all. Nim however, is not your average, run of the mill witch.

The upcoming animation is set in ‘the bog’ and centers on Nim and her mis-matched posse. While ‘the bog’ sounds uninviting, those who are fans of ‘Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends’, and equally those who are not, will be captivated by the creator's use of color and contrast. Once seen, it transforms from your ‘average stinky bog,’ to a magical world of mystery and intrigue.

Now, let’s talk about the main cast, starting with the star of the story, Nim. Nim, will be brought to life by actress, Nikki Kim from Sian Heder’s CODA (2021). She is accompanied throughout the series by Brisby, who will be voiced by B.A Tobin from Love, Victor (Netflix) and Asgaya (2022.)

Breathing life into Nim alongside writer and creator Kimberley Palmer, is a gifted team of creatives. Toni Morgan Haye, the first LGBT Jamaican filmmaker to have their work distributed globally, is heading the animation as producer. Toni is an acclaimed member of the film industry having worked with; Rihanna, Anastasia Baranova (from Z Nation,) Christina Robinson (Dexter) amongst other talent. Award-winning composer, Billboard-charting music producer (a.k.a Electropoint), and co-owner of Mirrortone Studios in New York City, Roman Molino Dunn is scoring the animation. Some of Roman’s work includes Real Housewives of New Jersey and Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

The show’s creator wants to introduce children to a different kind of witch. One that doesn’t incite fear or dread, but awe and wonder. Throughout the series, children will be encouraged not to be afraid to be different and to embrace their individuality.

The first three episodes are due to be made in the coming months through Otsvo Inc. and funds are being raised through IndieGoGo. The campaign is due to be launched on September 2nd with a target of $500,000.

Natalie Grossbard
Otsvo Inc.

Theme song created by Roman Molino Dunn