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Trading in Tech Equipment? The Steps Phobio LLC Takes to Properly Value Your Items

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 / -- Taking care of your current tech hardware can have tremendous benefits in the long term. Besides extending the life of the equipment, you are also producing less waste and increasing any potential trade-in value, ensuring your equipment can still serve a function or an alternate purpose for someone else when it is no longer useful to you. Phobio accepts trade-ins and helps you to get money for the items you are no longer using. Read on as they discuss the steps Phobio takes to evaluate your trade-ins and how they value your items.  

Phobio States They Start By Checking the Device For Signs of External Damage

When evaluating your hardware for potential resale, the first thing that Phobia will do and notice is the state of the external device. Phobio checks for cracks and scratches, or any other superficial damage your tech equipment may have present. The aesthetic appeal of your device can help its trade-in value tremendously. If there is external damage, you might consider doing minor repairs to help increase the value of the equipment, as this may increase the value of your trade-in. 

Phobio Says They Power the Device Up, Ensuring it Turns On

When attempting to trade in your device, another step that Phobio will take is ensuring your unit can power on. While you may still have some value out of an electronic item that does not power on, you will get significantly less as there will be work that needs to be done to get your device functional again. In addition to powering the item on, Phobio then shares that they will want to see how well it charges and holes a charge once the equipment is powered on. 

Phobio Explains They Use the Device to See How it Functions

When tech equipment gets older, some of them start to lose their functionality or processing abilities. Phobio states that powering up the device and going through the menus will ensure it still has the functionality to be accepted as a trade-in. If they notice a lag or a delay in the response, they may offer you less, as there may be software changes or upgrades that will need to be made to ensure the item can function for someone else.

Phobio wants to encourage you to trade-in electronic items that are no longer useful to you, and wants to help you understand how trade-ins are valued. The closer the equipment looks and functions to new, the easier the trade-in and the higher value you can get in return. Beyond that, the most important part is checking if it works as intended and it functions properly. Learning how items are valued can help you to understand why you may have been offered more or less than what you expected. 

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