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COVID-19 Sparked the Digital Nomad Movement, Now It’s a Raging Fire

Nomads Embassy Founders

Brittany Loeffler and Jacopo Gomarasca, Nomads Embassy Founders

64 million people declared they want to become digital nomads. In response, the startup Nomads Embassy is revolutionizing the digital nomad industry.

If you are or want to become a digital nomad, you need Nomads Embassy. Simplify your lifestyle with our revolutionary platform, 24/7 support, and global community.”
— Jacopo Gomarasca

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, September 12, 2021 / -- More than 64 million people declared they want to start this new lifestyle. In response, this Italian startup created the World’s First Embassy for Digital Nomads revolutionizing the digital nomad industry.

No permanent address with the possibility of working remotely from anywhere in the world with total freedom and combining travel and professional opportunities.

This is the identity of digital nomads, the protagonists of a phenomenon the COVID-19 pandemic has counter-intuitively further accentuated. After being isolated in their homes for months, people are showing a new willingness to travel while working remotely.

According to MBO Partners, 10.9 million people identify as digital nomads with 64 million showing interest in living the digital nomad lifestyle in the next three years.

More than 20 countries, including Croatia, Portugal, Malta, and Bermuda have recently introduced digital nomad visas as they understand the appeal of this growing market. Nations are recognizing digital nomads as “smart tourism” and attracting them by offering connectivity and incentives.

Until today, Digital nomads faced a number of issues while living this unconventional lifestyle including inefficient service from embassies, difficulty finding reliable information, and the lack of a real digital infrastructure capable of connecting remote workers to strategic locations.

As a response to these difficulties and needs, the startup, Nomads Embassy, was created by two seasoned digital nomads, Jacopo Gomarasca from Milan, Italy and Brittany Loeffler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the world’s first embassy for digital nomads it aims to make this lifestyle accessible for everyone by providing everything digital nomads need in one place.

“The project Nomads Embassy,” says the founder, Jacopo Gomarasca, “was born to simplify the digital nomad life for those who decide to take this path, supporting them in a concrete way thanks to our innovative platform with access 24/7 support for digital nomads and resources while living abroad.”

Nomads Embassy caters to those who feel ill-suited to work an office job with set hours, freelancers who want to travel, employees who want a change, and those unemployed looking for a fresh start.

“Thanks to special discounts from our partners and ambassadors, digital nomads can save money, receive constant support, and always have the resources they need to live this lifestyle. They also have the opportunity to join global and local communities of other digital nomads,” Gomarasca says.

Nomads Embassy is the all-in-one platform digital nomads need to embrace this lifestyle thanks to personalized support, resources, and communities.

Aspiring and current digital nomads are joining the waiting list for the official launch of Nomads Embassy to use as a support system for their exciting lifestyles and to connect with fellow nomads.

Join the waiting list now.

Jacopo Gomarasca
Nomads Embassy
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