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Jarrett June Stony Point NY hammers out 5 steps for finding the right handyman

Jarrett June Stony Point NY

Jarrett June Stony Point NY

Jarrett June Stony Point NY Construction Worker

Jarrett June Stony Point NY

Jarrett June Stony Point NY on finding the right handyman

STONY POINT, NY, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2021 / -- For any home repair or renovation, it's important to have the right tools. Yet you may also need an extra set of hands too.

Owning a home is often a second job. DIY sounds simple but can quickly become overwhelming. As problems arise, it demands time, effort, and skill to make these fixes. Renovations or additions require even more. A professional handyman can help with both.

Jarrett June Stony Point NY has worked as a carpenter and in the construction industry. From this experience, he understands what it takes to complete any home project. Whether it's fixing something old or building something new, he offers five tips for picking the perfect handyman.

Conduct research

The right handyman is probably just a click away. Scanning the yellow pages is now obsolete. Online services like Taskrabbit, Thumbtack, and Angie's List make it easier than ever. Not only can you scroll through potential workers, but you can also solicit bids. Although contractors on these services are typically more expensive, each should have posted rates.

Use this information to narrow down options that fall within your budget. After making a list of your top choices, check to see if each handyman has their own website. This could feature services offered, before-and-after pictures, and even licensing or accreditation.

Read reviews

Your search online will also produce all kinds of reviews. Most companies will have testimonials featured prominently, yet independent services are more valuable. Yelp and similar apps are often more honest and unbiased. Keep in mind that only the most passionate customers submit reviews. This means that these are usually highly positive or glaringly negative.

Jarrett June Stony Point NY also encourages you to request references. Any professional should easily direct you to at least one satisfied customer willing to vouch for them and their work.

Ask around

Don't discount word-of-mouth recommendations. Ask family, friends, and neighbors. More than likely, someone in your life has hired a contractor at some point. These are great resources. Consider this first-hand experience, but be wary. Jarrett June Stony Point NY cautions against hiring anyone based on this information alone.

Request qualifications

Reputation is valuable. Yet qualifications are even more important. At a minimum, anyone you hire should have a valid business license and general liability insurance. In the event that something bad does happen, this will ensure you are protected. For more complex projects, you may ask about job-specific credentials as well.

Make an appointment

Set up a time to finally meet. An in-person consultation will give you an opportunity to feel more comfortable with your prospective handyman. You can also evaluate their customer service. Look for punctuality, politeness, and proof of knowledge. Also, don't pay anything upfront for this meeting. As Jarrett June Stony Point NY always points out, any estimate or consultation should be free.

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