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National Kink Day: BARE Dating encourages The British Sex Drive Revolution

4 BARE co-founders sit on blow up bear, the BARE mascot

4 BARE co-founders sit with BARE mascot

Headshot of Gillian Myhill, one of the BARE co-founder's who is also a sex and relationship expert

Gillian Myhill, BARE co-founder and sex and relationship expert

Megan Barton Hanson, sex positive influencer and ex love islander

Megan Barton Hanson, sex positive influencer

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson supports sexual exploration and the new sex-positive dating app

LONDON, ENGLAND, October 5, 2021 / -- BARE Dating encourages Brits to embrace their sexuality and explore their desires as research shows that 31% of British adults are not sexually active

Wednesday the 6th of October is National Kink Day: an entire day devoted to celebrating consensual sexual activity, kinks, and experimentation. As new research* shows that 31% of British adults are not sexually active, BARE, a new dating app that encourages users to embrace their sexual desires by interacting playfully, is asking the nation to accept, embrace and prioritise their own sexuality, whether that includes saucy kinks or self exploration.

With recent research showing that only 14% of Brits have sex more than once a week, the pandemic clearly dramatically affected the country’s sex drive and engagement. BARE is working directly to counteract this by encouraging the nation to get frisky, providing a safe place for exploration and experimentation, with like-minded people, and no focus on orientation, gender or relationship dynamics.

Megan Barton Hanson, sex-positive influencer and former Love Islander says: "Before BARE there wasn’t a platform to provide a judgement-free space for people to explore and experiment with their sexuality. It's a relief to see an app and a community that can finally reflect an increasingly liberated society and the move towards self-exploration and acceptance. BARE is the future of dating and relinquishes users of the immense pressure that exists to find ‘the one’ within traditional old-school societal boundaries."

BARE recently soared onto the London dating scene following an oversubscribed crowdfunding campaign that met its target in just three days. Enabling users to inject some spice and liberation into their dating life, the sex-positive, empowering casual dating app not only normalises a variety of sexual drives and desires, it encourages users to feel more confident in their own sexuality, removing pressure to force an instant connection, find the one, or risk losing interest.

“The nation isn’t getting enough sex, but we are ready to experiment and kink day is the perfect time!” comments Gillian Myhill, BARE co-founder and sex and relationship expert. “Brits have come out of lockdown with a deeper understanding of their bodies, what they want and now they are ready to go and get it.”
“Throughout the last year and a half, I have noticed an enormous rise in an interest in exploring other ways to connect sexually and romantically, whether that be polyamory, sex toys, or even public sex parties. BARE is the perfect place and the right time to drive those open conversations and encourage a more active and extroverted sex life across the UK!”

BARE goes above and beyond normal dating app standards to ensure user safety, with a cutting-edge ID system upon sign up to ensure no catfishing and all profiles reviewed by an internal team. Tackling the risk of unsolicited nudes head-on, BARE conversations feature an automatic blur on any pictures that men send, with a sliding reveal bar feature that only women can control, if they want to indulge in safe sexting. When women send saucy images, they are still the ones in control of how much is revealed to their match, giving the power entirely to the women on the app. Co-founded by two women and two men, BARE caters to the fluid nature of modern relationships with a judgement-free platform and unique features including a voice note function to encourage more intimate connections.

Non-traditional dating apps have seen a surge in users and popularity following the lockdown, with latest data indicating that Feeld, London-based polyamorous dating app, reported a 50% annual rise in memberships recently. While YouGov research** shows that a fifth of single Brits who had an active love life before lockdown are spending more time on dating apps with a quarter of those aged 18 to 24 now swiping more. Despite the United Kingdon being considered stiff and unyielding, and with sexual relations hitting a slump, the desire to explore alternative sexual encounters and kinks is clearly on the rise, and nationwide.

To find out more, visit or download BARE now on the app store or google play store, available to test before the official launch later this year.

* Research of between 1,890 and 2,081 British adults (18+) completed by YouGov in September 2021 -
** Research of 11,936 British adults (18+) completed by YouGov in July 2020 -

About BARE
BARE dating is the new dating app on the block, challenging the old norms and encouraging like-minded people to be flirty, fun and confident in their own identity and sexuality. The London based dating app was created in 2019 by a group of founders with a variety of skill-sets, from business entrepreneurs with extensive startup experience to relationship experts and psychologists, the team gives BARE an enviable foundation. BARE takes casual dating into the mainstream in the modern age, where people go beyond finding ‘the one’ and are brought together into a safe space, where they are empowered to have fun, and explore safely, without judgement.
BARE encourages people to reveal as little or as much as they want without social stigma or shame. It is about building a sense of community and belonging. With the pandemic preventing intimacy for so long, BARE has rocketed into the app stores at exactly the right time, to bring people closer together with no strings attached. BARE is an honest space for sexual self-exploration in a welcoming community. BARE is available to download now on the app store or google play store.

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