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Amazon makes it easier for consumers to complain about faulty products from third-party vendors

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Amazon makes it easier for customers to file complaints if they feel they have been injured by a product sold by a third party seller.

HOBOKE, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 3, 2021 / -- Amazon makes it easier for customers to file complaints if they feel they have been injured by a product sold by a third party seller.

The company updated its long-standing returns policy (also known as the A-toZ guarantee) on Tuesday to address product defect claims. Amazon will connect consumers with sellers starting Sept. 1 if they have a claim for personal injury or property damages.

Buyers are advised to contact the seller if they have any questions. Amazon is mostly left out of this process.

This change addresses an issue that has plagued Amazon's third party marketplace for years. There have been many instances where counterfeits, unsafe products, and even expired goods. These issues have drawn scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers. This marketplace, which is made up millions of third-party sellers has helped Amazon increase other revenue sources such as fulfillment services and ads.

Amazon will allow consumers to directly file claims for products starting next month. Amazon stated that it will review the claims using both independent fraud detection and fraud specialists.

Amazon will contact the seller if it determines that the claim is valid. If the seller denies their claim, they will have the right to appeal. Sellers will be allowed to defend their product if Amazon approaches. If the seller does not respond, Amazon will take over the claim.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission sued Amazon last month to make it recall defective products that were sold by sellers on its marketplace. Also, the complaint seeks to determine if Amazon is a distributor of consumer products as per the Consumer Product Safety Act. This applies to all sellers of products on Amazon's marketplace.

Many people have sued Amazon for damages in recent years after claiming they were injured by overheating laptop batteries, defective dog collars, and exploding hoverboards. This led to a heated debate about whether Amazon is liable for defective goods sold by third-party sellers.

Amazon has avoided litigation by claiming that it is only the platform and not the seller, protecting it from liability. Amazon claims that it is the intermediary between buyers and sellers through its marketplace. It does not participate in the sourcing, distribution or purchase of products from third-party sellers. Amazon has been supported by several courts, but recent cases have been brought against it.

Legislators have also attempted to amend product liability laws to reflect the era of e-commerce. This would make Amazon, Etsy and eBay liable for goods purchased on their platforms, much like retailers are liable for goods bought in physical stores.

Amazon supported the California bill under the condition that it applies to all online marketplaces, regardless of business model. Rival retailers expressed concern that it might impede small businesses selling products online. Amazon might have gained from the bill's introduction, as it has greater resources to deal with defective products than smaller platforms.

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