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nanoActiv® Provides Faster Returns on Existing Wells Amidst Global Energy Crisis

Production improvements provided by nanoActiv® HnP treatments give operators a reliable, cost-effective alternative to other re-stimulation/remedial methods.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2021 / -- Worldwide, gas prices continue to rise as demand overwhelms existing supply.

The New York Times reports that crisis looms as the cost of oil, natural gas, and coal continues to increase, with China, Britain, and other countries experiencing fuel shortages and blackouts.

With oil prices in the U.S. already hitting their highest point in nearly three years, the market has rarely been as profitable (or as welcoming) for those who are able to get more oil out of the ground quickly.

For those looking to get faster, more effective returns on their wells, nanoActiv® HnP technology offers a uniquely effective method of enhancing oil and gas recovery.

nanoActiv® HnP combines Nissan Chemical America Corporation’s patented, surface-stabilized nanoparticles with Messer Americas’ gases. Their collaborative treatment method is a uniquely energized, fast-turnaround style “Huff ‘n Puff”—incorporating nanoActiv® fluids with a carbon dioxide (CO₂) or a nitrogen (N₂) gas application to enhance oil and gas recovery.

nanoActiv® HnP technology enables the recovery of hydrocarbons to be accomplished faster, more completely, more cost-effectively, and with longer efficacy than existing options on the market.

According to Messer’s Oil and Gas team, a recent Woodford Formation Well – treated with nanoActiv® HnP powered by Messer Americas’ nitrogen – continues to experience sustained daily gas production levels 120% greater than its originally completed initial daily production levels. Another well in the Buda Formation has produced an incremental of 11,600 BOE, and the well continues to produce more than 3x MCFD of gas at ~1,000 days post-treatment.

The vast production improvements provided by the nanoActiv® HnP treatments give operators a reliable, cost-effective alternative to other re-stimulation/remedial methods and provide a practical, economically viable solution for full field re-development enhanced recovery.

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