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“Messages, Flowing with Synchronicity” Shows How Magical, How Limitless, and How Truly Connected Life Can Be

front cover of “Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity” by Denny Daikeler

“Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity” by Denny Daikeler

Are we all guided toward spiritual enlightenment by a force outside the physical universe? According to author Denny Daikeler, the answer is an emphatic “Yes”

My goal is to show how magical, how limitless, and how truly connected life can be if we open ourselves. Trust, a leap of faith, and an open mind are all that’s required.”
— Denny Daikeler
PHILADELPHIA, PA, US, November 15, 2021 / -- In her book, Messages, Flowing with Synchronicity, author Denny Daikeler, recounts a lifetime of spiritual occurrences that proved to her that we all have amazing power, intuition, possibilities, healing ability, and connectivity. The stories she selected are fun, entertaining, and quite amazing -- chronicling the unfolding of her life as she was guided by owls, squirrels, snakes, tulips, and other entities -- all delivering important messages that were deep and completely relevant to her everyday life. As she began to accept the wonder that was happening, she began to understand that existence was much grander and much different than she had been led to believe.

“Our soul is continuously tapping us on the shoulder, trying to present us with evidence of its existence and the existence of higher states of consciousness and ability. The problem is that the message may not reach us because of our resistance, contrary beliefs, presence of toxic emotions, or limited thinking. If we can tune out the noise and open ourselves to the soul’s message, we have the chance to grow,” says Daikeler.

Daikeler also provides exercises to help readers develop their own spiritual abilities and clear away issues that may be impeding spiritual development or preventing them from clearly hearing their soul’s precious voice.

Issues addressed by the exercises include:

• How to become more intuitive: How do we make that voice or that idea come through so loud and clear that we trust it and feel safe to act on it.
• How to strengthen your feeling of “knowing”: Can you remember how you felt when you knew something was going to happen? You can build that feeling and ability so it’s with you throughout your day.
• How to become more transparent: Transparency allows you to strengthen your relationships by knowing what’s in each other’s hearts.
• How to let go of attachments: Whether a person, a job, money, or an expectation, attachments are usually fear-based and can hold us back from evolving into whole beings
• How to raise your vibration: Raising and keeping your vibration high is the most important exercise in the book because it reminds you that you are responsible for yourself, your happiness, your loves, your movement forward.

“My goal is to show how magical, how limitless, and how truly connected life can be if we open ourselves. Trust, a leap of faith, and an open mind are all that’s required.”


A lifelong student of philosophy and theology, Denny Daikeler is a writer, designer, artist, and interfaith minister. She was educated in design at Drexel University and extended her studies and research into psychology and human behavior as well as spirituality. Her academic pursuits brought her to an understanding of a personal inner-blueprint that lives in all individuals and is an important source for creating nurturing environments. Denny is on the Faculty of School of Sacred Ministries, where she was ordained in 2001.

Denny Daikeler
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