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Water Cremation Can Help Australia Get to Net Zero by 2050

Water Cremation is the green alternative to fire cremation. Water Cremation emits less than 10% of the carbon emissions. Now available in Australia.

Water Cremation is a natural and ethical process that uses water instead of fire to return a loved one to nature. Water Cremation can help Australia reach it's 2030 and 2050 emissions targets.”
— John Humphries
MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, December 1, 2021 / -- Who expected that the funeral industry contributes to the climate problem?

The most exciting green technology in the funeral industry is now available and will help reduce global warming and assist in the battle for Australia to reach Net Zero by 2050. This technology is Water Cremation, an alternative to traditional fire cremation.

Many choose it for the climate benefits alone. And it is welcomed by the families of those, who, when asked if they want burial or cremation say “I don’t want either. I just wish there was another way”.

Now there is another way. Although it has not been widely available until this year, Aquamation conducted the first Water Cremation funerals in the world in Australia in 2010.

John Humphries is proud to say that the word ‘Aquamation’ is his creation, and that the equipment is designed by him. The equipment is also made in Australia, and always will be. In fact, his Aquamation equipment has been exported to NZ and the Philippines, and he has orders in hand for exports to the USA, Canada and South Africa. His company has trade marked ‘Aquamation’ and the equipment is patent pending.

There are many new Water Cremation facilities planned in Australia, and several funeral industry heavy weights are keen to discuss being part of its future. One mused he did not want to get burnt by not being up with the latest trends. And there is a consortium in the USA and Canada with plans to have a chain of Water Cremation facilities established by late 2022.

'Environmentally Friendly Cremations' is an Australian funeral director who specialises in Water Cremation by Aquamation and is the only business in Australia to offer this service. This caring service is now available to families from Victoria, NSW, the ACT, South Australia and also Brisbane.

Water Cremation uses the process scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis. In this process, the deceased loved one is carefully placed inside a stainless-steel Water Cremation unit which is then filled with a potassium, water and 5% alkaline solution.

The environmental benefits of Water Cremation will have a profound effect for years to come.

Traditional fire cremation has devastating effects contributing to climate change which is really about global warming. Each fire cremation produces around 400 kilograms of carbon emissions which is equivalent to driving a car from Melbourne to Perth. During fire cremation, the incinerator is heated to around 900°C for a duration of several hours. This is not only polluting the air, but heating the air we breathe at 900°C.

Water Cremation by Aquamation uses less than 10% of the energy compared to fire cremation.

Additionally, fire cremation also emits toxic fumes, carcinogenic fumes and vaporised mercury pollution from the deceased's dental fillings. Worldwide there are concerns that mercury emissions can cause Cancer, Autism and Stillbirths in human communities that live near crematoriums. With Water Cremation, no toxic mercury is produced, and the mercury fillings can be safely recycled.

Other benefits are that pacemakers do not need to be removed by the funeral director before the cremation, as is legally required, and a doctor even has to sign to that there is not one present.
This is especially important to cultures that don’t permit the body to be cut into after death.
Pacemakers can also explode and damage the incinerator with fire cremation.

Environmentally Friendly Cremations is working with Aquamation International to provide Water Cremation services. Both are Australian owned businesses.

Water Cremation, by Aquamation has been recognised for it's potential to change the environmental impact of the funeral industry by being selected as a finalist in the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition in 2015.

“Water Cremation is a natural and ethical process that uses water instead of fire to return a loved one to nature. Water Cremation can help Australia reach it's 2030 and 2050 emissions targets.” Mr Humphries said.

At the conclusion of a Water Cremation, the remains are sterile and are returned to the family in an urn in the form of 'ashes', as with fire cremation. And as with fire cremation, it is not possible for DNA to be identified.

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