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A doer and a true visionary leader, Clarence Miller, is running for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4

Clarence has been in the public service for over three decades

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / -- Clarence Miller, a true visionary leader with years of public service experience, is now an official candidate for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4. He has been actively campaigning to be Commissioner of Harris County Precinct 4 since 2018, long before redistricting. Clarence worked for the United States Postal Service and retired after 29 years.

“I am not a politician; I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend who wants to work with the citizens and will always fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Said Clarence Miller. “As a commissioner, my duty is not only to serve the people, but I want to stay connected to the people, their needs, I want to ensure their families are always safe.”

Clarence’s priorities are extremely clear and start with creating job opportunities for the youth, creating the physical infrastructure, switching to renewable energy sources to support climate change, eliminating violence against women, keeping a solid narrative around mental health and allied services, ending human sex trafficking. “My list is broad to support the changes needed and to eliminate the things that are no longer necessary. All the while, having the ability to compromise, delegate, communicate and negotiate because this is not a one-man’s job, it needs a team of dynamic individuals who are committed to achieving the goal.” He added.

“Climate change is real; as a society, we need to switch to renewable sources of energy, solar, and wind energy. I will support electric vehicles instead of burning fossil fuels and support mass transit instead of driving our vehicles. I will support reducing consumption, so our children will not have to pay the price for lost opportunities.” Clarence remarked.

In 2005, he was one of the first elected Directors of Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District # 24 in its twenty-two-year history. He represented his district in litigation and won over $112,000 dollars. He was elected the first African American president in 2007 and has developed and executed new policies, procedures, and guidelines that other districts use as a model today.

Constructing a building for the community of Ash creek that can be used by district & resident events, but in case of a catastrophe or disaster, the district can utilize the building to serve the community is a fine example of his farsightedness and a true testament of his ‘people first’ vision. He invested $5M in building a much-needed road network, a $3.7M park, and overall up-gradation of infrastructure to ensure the community is protected against floods.

“When God gives a mission, you do not worry about who is “a Democrat” or “a Republican.” A true leader believes in the cause and is not afraid to fight for ALL people and justice.”

Clarence has held various leadership positions in his career and continues to run his consulting business. He has received many awards and citations including,
• Recipient of Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award 2021
• A proclamation from the Governor of Texas, his day from Mayor Turner and the City of Houston 02/10,
• Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee flew a flag over the U.S. Capital in honor of his District,
• A proclamation from City Council Michael Kabosh,
• Honored by the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority with their highest award, the Lullelia Walker Dove Award,
• The Woodmen’s Life Community Partner Award,
• The man of the year award from the oldest black social club in Texas, the Eldorado Social Club,
• Honored by the Fall Brook Church, Who’s Who of Black Houston three consecutive years and
• Honored by D – Mars magazine ‘Top 100 blacks in Houston’
• Proclamation from previous Commissioner Ed Emmitt,
• Proclamation from current Commissioner Jack Cagle

A business owner, a board member of a credit union, and a general manager/director of a Municipal Utility for 16 years, Clarence knows how to serve people to the best of his abilities and always leads with example. When he took over the reins, the municipal district, which was $10mm in debt, had the debt eliminated early by saving $2mm under his leadership. He also encouraged his district to deposit $249,000 in a minority own bank while encouraging another Municipal community to do the same.

“I believe the next commissioner should be a servant of the people, and he should be a visionary. I feel the time is right, the conditions are right. And people are demanding change. My priorities are flood control, infrastructure improvement, climate control, fiscal responsibility, accessibility, accountability, quality public services, and sex trafficking, and I believe in being involved in all the projects and leading my team from the front.” Miller said.

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It’s Miller Time!

Clarence Miller
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