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ModiCoin Releases the Date for Private Sale

The date for ModiCoin Presale is out. Registration will be starting soon.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, January 24, 2022 / -- The market of crypto tokens has never failed to surprise the onlookers and stakeholders. Predicted as of 2022, the trend is bound to take a progressive turn, directed towards a more stable version of tokens.
Embarking on this remarkable journey, ModiCoin is about to reach the market. The token currency is a community-driven model, which aims to introduce a revolutionary payment integration system. Not only does it claim to enhance the way people trade and invest in the market, but it also possesses the buttress to prove the same.

The Private Sale of this innovation brimming with excellence begins on the following dates:
6th February 2022
The Timings are as follows along with respective time zones:

6th February 2022
03.30 Am (Universal Standard Time)
09.00 Am (Indian Standard Time)
02.30 Pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
04.30 Pm (New Zealand Daylight Time)

5th February 2022
08.30 Pm (New York, US, EST)
08.30 Pm (Toronto, CA)

Follow the below procedure to participate in the biggest presale of the decade:

Step 1. Download the Binance App through Playstore/Appstore and keep your BNB ready.

Binance Pay is the most secure system. No one can have more than one account on Binance to prevent whales from participating and holding large numbers of tokens along with the feature of no networking fees.

Step 2. Once the app is installed, one must register themselves and get their IDs verified on Binance App. Without verification of identity and submission of certain documents participation in the sale would not be possible.

Step 3. Download the Trust Wallet through Play Store/Appstore. The MDN Tokens will be sent to the concerned person’s Trust Wallet via Unicrypt, simultaneously the tokens will go under a vesting period of 10 months.

Step 4. Once BNB via Binance Pay App is sent, the sender will receive an acknowledgment email and the tokens will be safely locked with Unicrypt for 10 months.

Every month 10% of the tokens will be unlocked which can be withdrawn from Unicrypt. This is a Linear Locking process of Token Vesting

Step 5. One shall receive their locker details via email within the 2-3 weeks of the private sales. A locker will only be accessible through the wallet address provided by the concerned investor during their account registration at ModiCoin Private sale.

Tokens with Unicrypt are extremely safe and no third party can access them.
This procedure ensures the stability and proper distribution of the tokens for the safety of investors.

Avail the opportunity and witness one of the most phenomenal private sales of the decade. To stay tuned Join ModiCoin’s telegram channel and be a part of a spectacular family, whose sole aim is benefiting the community. ModiCoin is a visionary innovation, and one can not afford to miss out on a revolutionary sale like this.

Amit Singla
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