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Green Wine Future Announces New Podcast

Green Wine Future's new podcast shines a light on the most critical sustainability issues facing the wine industry

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, January 31, 2022 / -- Green Wine Future 2022 is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast that will tackle the most important sustainability issues in the wine industry. The podcast will be a natural extension of the discussions the ambitious environmental conference began having in 2006 when pioneering the first-of-its-kind summit.

To address critical topics of sustainability, climate crisis, biodiversity, wine tourism, regenerative viticulture, carbon amelioration, hydric resources, energy efficiency, and truly green business opportunities, the podcast will bring together the world’s leading minds in business, academia, and media. Co-hosts and guests will discuss solutions for sustainability in the wine industry, opportunities for adaptations to address global climate change, and how to unify the entire trade around the most pressing issue that our society faces.

Each 30-minute episode will introduce a different co-host as they explore particular topics with guests experts in the field. The first three episodes will feature the following topics:

1. Biodiversity - Co-host Michèle Shah will talk with guests Gaia Gaja and Stella Wines' Gian Matteo Baldi about the creation of supportive environmental and cultural systems for the betterment of Earth and the wines it provides. The episode will highlight tales from one of Enotria's most illustrious names and an executive who is working on a potentially transformative new project. This will be the first episode of a new sub-series. with future episodes covering the Americas and the Antipodes.

2. Carbon Sequestration: Co-host Erica Duecy of Pix and guests UC Davis Professor Emeritus Roger Boulton and Diana Seysses of Domaine Dujac and Snowden Family Vineyards discuss the basics of fermentation, how wine producers can account for, diminish and repurpose the carbon dioxide added, and theories of wine production.

3. Climate Crisis: In the first episode of a sub-series focusing on the impact the Earth’s changing climate has on wine, co-host Sonya Logan of Wine Titles will discuss with two of the world’s leading wine climatologists Greg Jones and Rebecca Harris the causes, problems, and solutions uncontrollable wildfires have on wine regions. Australia and America’s Western Coast will be the regions of focus. Future episodes in the sub-series will include emerging regions and business matters.

Future episodes will focus on discussions about financial viability, regenerative viticulture, labor equity, supply chain resolutions, and more. Upcoming guests include Patagonia's Birgit Cameron, Wine Unify's Alicia Towns Franken, Bloomberg's Elin McCoy, Laura Catena, Rob Symington, the Responsible Hedonist Diana Hawkins, and many others.

The Green Wine Future 2022 podcast will be available at


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