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The Exodus Road Launches Anti-Trafficking Training for More Than 20,000 Brazilian Police Officers

The Exodus Road TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil Training

The Exodus Road launches TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil

Cover for The Exodus Road's TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil Course Eight

TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil features eight, anti-trafficking, training modules for Brazilian law enforcement.

The Exodus Road partners with multiple agencies and states in Brazil providing training and resources to assist their fight against human trafficking crime.

Providing training and technology for trusted police officers will produce an immediate impact in the fight against human trafficking - a problem that plagues Brazil and that often goes unnoticed.”
— Cintia Meirelles, The Exodus Road’s Specialist in Humanitarian Affairs
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2022 / -- On February 28, the first of more than 20,000 police officers in Brazil gained access to an eight-part, multimedia training platform that details how to combat human trafficking crime. The Exodus Road’s TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil features educational videos of trafficking experts from Brazil and the U.S. discussing how to collect and act on evidence of human trafficking to enable the prosecution of traffickers and liberation of survivors.

"Providing training and technology for trusted police officers will produce an immediate impact in the fight against human trafficking - a problem that plagues Brazil and that often goes unnoticed," said Cintia Meirelles, The Exodus Road’s Specialist in Humanitarian Affairs and lead liaison in Brazil.

Human trafficking is a complicated crime. To make rescues and arrests, law enforcement officers must be able to demonstrate that force, fraud, coercion or a minor is involved. The Exodus Road’s TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil training helps educate officers on how to identify trafficking cases, the evidence needed to liberate survivors and arrest traffickers, and proper usage of anti-trafficking technologies.

"The TraffickWatch Academy project is fundamental because it promotes important expert dialogue between key actors in the repression of human trafficking and assistance to victims," said Graziella Rocha, Project Coordinator for the Brazilian Ministry of Women, Family, and Human Rights (ASBRAD). Rocha leads one of the modules speaking on aftercare challenges and realities for survivors in Brazil.

The launch of TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil represents a significant milestone in a larger joint effort to combat human trafficking in Brazil. Several Brazilian agencies and states have begun working with The Exodus Road to expand their resources, training and intervention work. Participants include multiple prominent agencies, state departments and law enforcement offices, including the Amazonas Public Security Secretary (SSP-AM) and the Parana Military Police- Border Police Battalion (BPFRON).

“Utilizing the TraffickWatch Academy training for our officers will improve our ability to identify and prosecute cases of human trafficking,” said Fabiano Barrosa, Training Manager for the Civil Police of Amazonas, Brazil. “We are grateful to have partnered with The Exodus Road to help bolster our ability to fight this horrible crime and bring freedom to people who are suffering in our community.”

The training features five modules with Brazilian experts on human rights and human trafficking and three U.S.-based experts. Module topics include anti-trafficking laws and the judicial system in Brazil; building and closing human trafficking cases; gathering digital intelligence for cases; survivor care in Brazil; fighting the different forms of modern-day slavery; and, a global look at human trafficking crime.

Experts include Anália Ribeiro, ABR Consultoria; Graziela Rocha, ASBRAD; Juliana Felicidade Armede, Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Citizenship, City Hall of São Paulo; Gabriela Madrid Aquina, Chief of the Federal Police; Dra. Tatiana Leal Bivar Simonetti, State Attorney, Public Ministry of Labor; Laura Parker, The Exodus Road’s CEO; Matt Parker, Co-Founder of The Exodus Road; and Justin Cole, Cellebrite’s Senior Developer and Trainer.

Cellebrite (Nasdaq: CLBT), a global leader in Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, is another significant collaborator. The DI company funded the development of TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil and committed to provide The Exodus Road with funding and in-kind solutions and services over the next three years to support the growth of the nonprofit’s training programs in Brazil.

In Brazil, there are an estimated 400,000 people trapped in modern-day slavery, the Global Slavery Index states. And, as most experts note with data on human trafficking, that number is likely far lower than the actual number of people impacted; trafficking is a significantly underreported crime.

“Every trafficker we can help our police partners put behind bars makes an exponential impact in stopping human trafficking and protecting vulnerable people from exploitation,” Laura Parker, the CEO and co-founder of The Exodus Road, said. “Our partners in Brazil are deeply committed to bringing change in their communities, and we are honored to empower them in this mission.”

TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil uses Absorb LMS software. The platform allows officers to complete the training at their own pace while also giving managers access to monitor their progress. The modules are presented in Portuguese and English with Portuguese subtitles.

About The Exodus Road

The Exodus Road is a global nonprofit disrupting the darkness of modern-day slavery by partnering with law enforcement to fight human-trafficking crime, equipping communities to protect the vulnerable and empowering survivors as they walk into freedom. Working side-by-side with local staff, NGO partners and law enforcement around the world, The Exodus Road fights to liberate trafficked individuals, arrest traffickers and provide restorative care for survivors. Since its founding in 2012, the organization has assisted police in the rescue of more than 1560 survivors and the arrests of 870 offenders; numbers that grow almost daily. The Exodus Road’s approach to freedom incorporates prevention and training efforts (TraffickWatch Academy), intervention (Search + Rescue) and aftercare (Beyond Rescue).

In September 2021, The Exodus Road launched TraffickWatch Academy: U.S., a free, online, multimedia training module that unpacks the complexities of human trafficking and educates viewers with methods for identifying signs of trafficking and how to intervene. The organization is also launching a similar training throughout Brazil designed specifically for law enforcement partners. In November, the nonprofit opened Freedom Home in Thailand to house survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The Exodus Road combats human trafficking in the U.S., Thailand, Brazil, the Philippines, India and in another Latin American country, undisclosed for security reasons.

For additional information or to make a donation to help stop trafficking, please visit The Exodus Road’s website at

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