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Sierra Donor Services Partners with MediGO and Trinity Medical Solutions to Support Safe and Timely Organ Transportation

Sacramento organ recovery organization using top GPS technology and transportation service to ensure the timely arrival of far-traveled organs for transplant.

Time is of the essence in organ donation. Our team has just a few hours from the time of donation until the organ needs to be transplanted to make the journey to the patient.”
— Sean Van Slyck, Executive Director of Sierra Donor Services
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2022 / -- Sierra Donor Services (SDS), the nonprofit agency responsible for recovering organs for transplant in the Northern California region, today announced a partnership with logistics leader MediGO and Trinity Medical Solutions to ensure that organs reach their transplant recipients on time, every time.

Under the three-way partnership, SDS will employ MediGo’s proprietary tracking technology to predict and monitor the transportation of lifesaving organs from the hospitals where they are recovered to the transplant centers where their intended recipients are waiting. Trinity Medical Solutions, which coordinates and provides dedicated transportation services for SDS, will manage MediGo’s tracking devices and technology to ensure each organ completes its journey.

The addition of tracking capabilities is especially critical to SDS as the distance that organs may travel has expanded far beyond the organization’s designated service area, following a change in national organ allocation policies. The partnership will help ensure that no matter how far an organ travels, SDS and its partner transplant centers will be able to monitor every step of the process.

“Time is of the essence in organ donation. Our team has just a few hours from the time of donation until the organ needs to be transplanted to make the journey to the patient,” said Sean Van Slyck, Executive Director of Sierra Donor Service. “With organs now traveling farther from the SDS service area, this increases the possibility of transportation delays and other challenges. The combination of Trinity’s transportation expertise and MediGO’s technology gives all stakeholders the confidence that they can track organs and know their location at all times and in real-time. This helps everyone be the best possible stewards of the donor’s precious gift of life.”

SDS is one of 57 federally-designated Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) responsible for recovering organs for transplant in the United States. Despite the significant challenges presented by the pandemic, the organization has realized marked success in recent years, with a 120% increase in organ donation since 2019. This growth in its operations has led SDS to add necessary protocols such as the MediGo tracking technology to ensure that the highest level of accuracy and timeliness are maintained and as many lives as possible are saved. These measures are particularly important as the nation’s organ donation and transplantation system seeks to address the more than 100,000 Americans waiting on the transplant list, including 20,500 in California alone.

The MediGO platform provides full visibility of an organ’s transportation to all those involved in the complex and time sensitive recovery and transplantation process. This includes the OPO that facilitates the organ recovery to the transplant surgery team waiting to receive it. All stakeholders are informed in real time about any changes to the estimated time of arrival so they can better manage resources and give each patient the best chance for a successful transplant.

“We’re excited to partner with Sierra Donor Services, which has achieved several years of incredible donation and transplantation milestones,” said Dr. Joseph Scalea, co-founder and chief medical officer of MediGO. “Our vision has been to revolutionize the organ transplantation community by tracking every piece of data along an organ’s lifesaving journey. We’ve worked closely with OPOs to design a solution that saves time, money and improves the quality of the gift of life.”

“Our team at Trinity is excited to expand our services with SDS and be the bridge to provide this great technology from MediGo to SDS. This one-of-a-kind collaboration between all three organizations shows a deep level of dedication by all to do everything possible to maximize the gift of life,” said Seth Bacon, CEO of Trinity Medical Solutions. “SDS's continued growth is an example of their ongoing focus on saving lives through organ donation and transplantation. Removing the barriers of transportation to maximize the gift is a continuous goal of our team at Trinity Medical Solutions.


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