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For the love of marketing: New analytics tool set to change the face of the marketing world

Miriam van Heusden, founder and owner of Maralytics

GOLD COAST, QLD, AUSTRALIA, March 22, 2022 / -- For many people, their true calling doesn’t really call until they’ve gone down a few other roads in their careers. For one person, Miriam van Heusden from Maralytics, this is how her journey in the marketing world began.

As a restaurant owner with a long history in the hospitality industry, Miriam is a seasoned expert at her trade. Her journey into marketing only began when she wanted to grow her restaurant’s revenue and started working with a business coach to achieve that. Looking at her marketing, Miriam wanted to know what her exact ROI was for each different advertising campaign.

She was running ads in the local paper, she had promotions, partnerships, and ran online adverts. When you think about it, it is quite straightforward to record her spend on each campaign and calculate how many people actually came through the door and placed an order as a result of each campaign. Simple, but very time consuming.

Miriam found herself saying “isn’t there an app for this”? Of course, there wasn’t, which is precisely why she made a 180-degree pivot in her career to create the app that the hospitality industry has needed for decades: Maralytics.

Maralytics is a SaaS software innovation that provides you with an intuitive dashboard where you can measure the precise analytics for every marketing campaign, on any platform, anywhere, anytime, that you have ever started. You can calculate the number of leads you have gained, where they have come from, how much they have spent, and what your precise and overall ROI is.

To create software like this, you have to have a real desire to introduce a whole new level of accountability into your marketing. Miriam’s passion for marketing and getting real results is what fueled the creation of this handy tool. It takes beta-testing to new heights. It empowers you to move the budget away from low-performance marketing avenues and direct it into the moneymakers, ensuring you make more money with less effort.

Through her own passion for marketing and creating real business success, Miriam is igniting this passion in other entrepreneurs and fellow marketers by making the job more effective and intuitive.

Businesses that are interested in learning more about Maralytics and how it can help their marketing efforts can reach out to Miriam or view the Maralytics website at

Miriam van Heusden
The Audacious Agency