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Shermaine Perry-Knights book makes moves an adventure for military kids

I Move A Lot and That's Okay

"I Move A Lot, and That's Okay," promises to make moving a positive experience for kids.

This book teaches adults how to involve kids during moves. It’s all about making military kids feel heard and seen.”
— Shermaine Perry-Knights
UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 / -- “I Move A Lot and That’s Okay” has been featured on ESPN Radio and in Stars and Stripes, for the second time, as one of the season’s best books for military families.

This heartwarming story shows how moving can become an adventure. It talks about how challenging life as a military kid can be and shows how amazing the experiences are. The book, which has also been featured on NPR, Military Families Magazine, and now twice-featured on Stars and Stripes, is an important story that was written by Shermaine Perry-Knights to help military families have important conversations on frequent moves. “I Move A Lot, and That’s Okay” was also awarded the 2022 Literary Titan Gold Award and 2021 International Book Award Winner in the children’s education category.

April is Month of the Military Child. The average military child changes schools nine times between kindergarten and graduation – a wave of rapid changes during their most formative years. While these changes could negatively affect children, Perry-Knights takes an opportunity with her children’s book to instead show how frequent moves help children develop unique skills that increase empathy, resilience, communication and an appreciation for diversity.
“Moving can be an adventure. This book teaches adults how to involve kids during moves. Doing that makes it a positive experience for the entire family. It’s all about making military kids feel heard and seen,” said Perry-Knights. “Supporting their mental health during moves means elevating their voices”.

In the book, Perry-Knights takes readers on a journey into the life of a military kid as she shows the reader that she can embrace a new environment, language and a different culture alongside the concerns, fears and uncertainty of each new relocation. For military parents, "I Move A Lot and That's Okay" is a conversation tool that honors military children's thoughts, feelings and experiences. In addition, its message of resilience and hope are universal ones that help all children with problem-solving skills.

As a child of the military herself, Perry-Knights recognizes that moving can be tough for children. Still, she aims to embrace the positive aspects of moving and help children cope with these changes in her new children's book. “I Move A Lot and That’s Okay” is more than just a story about being a military kid – this story celebrates positive mental health, diversity, representation and resilience – making it a great book to all. Whether this book is for a military child, a parent or even an educator, it will prove to be a gift well received and treasured.

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About Shermaine Perry-Knights
Shermaine Perry-Knights is an award-winning facilitator, project manager, speaker, world traveler, and author. Shermaine is a proud military kid, an avid reader, and a lifelong learner. She holds several professional certifications in learning development and is passionate about making military-connected families "feel heard and seen" in literature.
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