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MarketsandMarkets Artificial Intelligence Crystal Ball Event - A Step into the Future of Technology

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 26, 2022 / -- Scientific breakthroughs, developments & innovations are occurring at breakneck speeds.
With adoption of these cutting-edge technologies, AI has ceased to be an acronym for the future.
The transition from AI solely being an inspiration for futuristic sci-fi films to efficient real-word significance has been swift. Its applications are boundless with the onus on us to tinker & perfect its usage to expedite & subsequently improve rapidly evolving high-tech processes.

Around the planet today, only a handful of industries haven't yet been touched by or projected to have applications utilizing AI.
Its worldwide integration to achieve automation, efficiency & accuracy is imminent.
Driving Automation, Vaccine Development, Natural Language Processing & Quantum Computing are only the tip of the iceberg to describe the vastly growing possibilities as the future unfolds before our eyes.

The 3rd EDITION MARKETSANDMARKETS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CRYSTAL BALL EVENT aims to provide an enriching 360° outlook into the future roadmap, applications, disruptions & risks surrounding the AI ecosystem.


• What are the top 10 revenue growth opportunities within the AI ecosystem over the next 5 years?
• AI promises to make data-driven processes more intelligent. How big a role do current & hybrid AI-approaches, such as self-supervised
& behavioural learning, play in self-driving car technologies?
• How will AI tools and technology assist radiologists to account for the exponential growth in medical data (increase of CT and MRI examinations with
low increase of radiologists?) How can AI help solve the dilemma of access, affordability, and effectiveness in healthcare to improve patient outcomes?
• To what extent has the automotive industry achieved a sufficient level of perception & prediction accuracy in sensor suites to enable operational
safety for hard-to-predict road actors and in adverse weather such as very heavy rain, falling snow and fog?
• Which technologies/approaches are likely to result in reduction in downtime and maintenance, improve on supply chain visibility, and keeping productivity at optimum level in manufacturing units?


• Pawan Nandrajog, Partner - Strategic Accounts, Infosys
• Shailesh Dixit, Senior Regional Director, HCL
• Michael Berns, Director - AI & Fintech, PwC Deutschland
• Ariful Mondal, Consulting Practice Partner (Data Analytics, AI),
• Wipro
• Moderator: Christian Paun, Chief Digital Officer, Dupont
• Co-Host: Vineet Augustine, Vice President, MarketsandMarkets

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We believe that marginal factors affecting revenues & impacting businesses, which are currently considered as outliers (the 20%), shall soon transition into occupying a major chunk of the income streams (the 80%), as the rapidly evolving digitalization of the globe progresses.

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