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AngloINFO Survey Reveals Expats Mostly Agree With How Local Governments Handled The Pandemic

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 13, 2022 / -- Online resource for expats, AngloINFO, completes a survey of expats across the globe revealing most professionals expressed satisfaction with the way local governments handled the pandemic despite mental health and discrimination suffering.

AngloINFO recently highlighted the perception of expats worldwide on the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially by the local governments. The move is in line with the online community’s goal of supporting the needs of expats, irrespective of their location worldwide by providing the resources needed to make their adventure less stressful and more fun and rewarding.

The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly shook the world, practically disrupting normalcy with millions of people, including expats having to adjust to new ways of doing things. Government authorities, as well as corporates, put measures in place to curb the spread of the virus, save lives, and facilitate the return to normalcy. However, the handling of the crisis by different quarters has been scrutinized and criticized by people from all walks of life and AngloINFO recently put it to expats worldwide to express their perception of the pandemic and how local governments handled the crisis.

The worldwide survey was an eye-opener, especially for local governments, giving expats from different parts of the world a platform to state the situation of things in their locality and how the pandemic affected them. AngloINFO invited expats across industries in different parts of the world to respond to carefully crafted questions about the Covid-19 pandemic. The results of the survey revealed that most expats were satisfied with the way local governments handled the pandemic, with only 128 of 1453 respondents, representing 8.8% expressing a contrary opinion. It also showed that some expats experienced either a small or big problem with their mental health during the pandemic, with about 40% of respondents falling in this category. Other highlights of the survey include 25% have mixed feelings about how the local government where they live handled the pandemic and 11.3%, 165 of 1456, noticed being treated differently being an Expat instead of a resident where they live during the pandemic.

For further information about the survey and other resources provided by AngloINFO, visit - and AngloINFO also has a growing online community across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.


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