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Coherent Logix to attend the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 / -- Coherent Logix, Inc. delivers a leading software-defined, industry-disruptive HyperX platform that supports multimodal semiconductor solutions and engineering design services. Coherent Logix will attend the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit, to be held May 16th-19th in Santa Clara, California, and will showcase their digital neuromorphic chip and embedded applications for industrial and commercial sensing AI use cases.

During the conference, Coherent Logix will present a demonstration that illustrates a low power, low latency software-defined hardware application using 4th Gen chips from their HyperX® Processor product portfolio.

Industrial Quality Assurance Application
Using their 4th Gen HyperX processor, the Industrial Quality Assurance demonstration uses pass/fail testing parameters, classified by size, shape, and color, to ensure quality control. Using computer vision, the demonstration employs an algorithm to extract meaning from images or video, in this case through motion and object tracking, and defect detection. The particular HyperX algorithm used here identifies candies that pass or fail any one of multiple testing parameters. The application uses ultra-low latency computer vision flow and analysis to achieve this in real-time.

HyperX Technology a Natural Fit
The key to the Coherent Logix advantage is its HyperX Digital Stream Processor (hxDSP) Technology, a software reconfigurable, parallel-processing fabric (hxFabric). The fabric is dataflow-driven, has ultra-high-speed pipelining, massive parallelization, and provides increased multi-tasking. HyperX Technology is a natural fit for multi-modal AI applications, from the edge to the datacenter, where it enables high-throughput, real-time image processing, computer vision, video analytics, voice recognition, machine learning/AI, and cyber security use cases.

Examples of multi-modal AI applications are those using image, text, speech, and numerical data, such as virtual classrooms, posture recognition for healthcare, or, multi-modal training through a combination of mobile apps, e-learning platforms, job aids and simulations.

What’s uniquely differentiating about the HyperX platform and its solutions are that they derive from a 100% software-defined hardware system. As product requirements change over time, new neural models and recognition paradigms can be introduced via field software upgrades. Traditional ASIC-based systems require development of new chips and replacement of hardware already in the field.

Next Generation SoCs
The same HyperX devices used for the prototyping phase are also cost-effective for mass distribution, making significant reduction in time and cost of development and production processes. Uniquely, HyperX SoCs (hxSoCs) combine hxDSP capabilities with embedded general purpose processor (GPP) cores that can be used to execute operating systems, open-source industry standard applications, as well as your legacy software.

About Coherent Logix
Coherent Logix, headquartered in Austin, is a full-service company that provides an innovative semiconductor platform and engineering design services that empower developers by making it significantly easier, faster, and more cost effective to bring their ideas, technologies, products, and/or services visions to life. The Company introduced the HyperX Digital Stream Processor Technology and devices to the market in 2007. With proven success in Aerospace and Military markets, the Company is expanding the availability of the HyperX Platform to the general commercial marketplace which includes but is not limited to Industrial, Automotive, Communications, Consumer, Media & Entertainment, Medical and many others.

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