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Introducing Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers, Designed to Fit Round Flashes and Rectangular Speedlight Flashes

Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers attach directly to round flashes without a separate attachment mount, and to rectangular speedlights of all sizes using the Rogue Flash Adapter.

Lightweight magnetic modifiers snap directly onto round flashes without additional attachments; also fit rectangular speedlights with an easy-to-use adapter

We designed our new Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers to attach directly to Godox, Westcott, and Profoto round flashes so users don't have to purchase an extra attachment mount for every flash,”
— Erik Sowder
WATSONVILLE, CA, USA, June 7, 2022 / -- ExpoImaging, Inc., creators of Rogue FlashBenders, today announced availability of a new system of Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers for round flashes and rectangular speedlight flashes.

Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers Attach Directly to Round Flashes
“We designed our new Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers to attach directly to Godox, Geekoto, Westcott, and Profoto A series round flashes so the user doesn’t have to purchase an extra attachment mount for every flash,” said ExpoImaging CEO Erik Sowder. “In addition to keeping the cost down for budget conscious photographers, this simplified design helps to keep our system compact and light weight.”

Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers attach directly to the Godox V1, Godox R100, Godox HR200 head for AD200, Geekoto GT 250, Geekoto GTR, and Westcott FJ80 flashes. Compatibility with Profoto A1, Profoto A1x, and Profoto A10 flashes requires the Rogue PF Adapter.

Rogue Round Flash Modifiers Also Attach to Rectangular Speedlights
“We created the Rogue Flash Adapter to enable use of our round flash modifiers with all sizes of rectangular flashes,” explained Sowder. “The ability to quickly and easily attach the same modifiers to all of your flashes makes life easier for anyone mixing speedlights with round flashes.”

Lightweight, Compact and and Durable
Photographers want their speedlight modifiers to be easy-to-use, lightweight, and durable. The Rogue Round Flash Modifiers weigh just 1-2 oz, and their modular magnetic design means they can be stacked as desired. The magnetic components are made from impact resistant materials to withstand drops.

Magnets Won’t Fall Out
Each Rogue Round Flash Modifier incorporates six rare earth neodymium magnets which are safely and securely captured inside the product to prevent their escape. The high grade neodymium magnets provide a strong attachment force ensuring each component stays put on the flash.

Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome
Great for wedding and portrait photography, the Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome softly and evenly diffuses the light from your flash. It weighs just 2 oz (60g) and the silicone dome collapses for easy storage.

Rogue Flash Grid 45
The Rogue Flash Grid 45 provides accurate lighting control when shooting classic portrait or product photography. The Rogue Grid 45 weighs just 1 oz, and can be stacked to produce progressively smaller spots, producing a 45 degree spot (1 grid), 25 degree spot (2 grids), or a 16 degree spot (3 grids).

Rogue Round Flash Gels for Color Correction or Portrait Photography
Rogue Flash Gels are easy-to-use with the color and f/stop loss values printed on each gel, and the correction gels also include the kelvin color temperature and white balance reference values. Simply place Rogue Round Flash gels between any two magnetic modifier components to add vibrant colors or color correction to your flash photography. Rogue Round Flash Gels are available in a 20 Gel Ultimate Portrait Collection and 20 Gel Color Correction Collection. Each collection weighs just 1.2 oz and easily fits in your pocket. Rogue Round Flash Gels are made from the highest quality LEE Filters UK materials.

Bundle Kits for Round Flashes and Rectangular Speedlight Flashes
The Rogue Round Flash Kit includes the Rogue Flash Grid 45, Rogue Flash Gel Lens, Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome, a 3-Gel Sample Set, and Storage Pouch. For photographers using round flashes and rectangular speedlights, the Rogue Round Flash Kit + Rogue Flash Adapter bundle allows the light modifier system to be used with round flashes and rectangular flashes. The Rogue Flash Adapter is available in two sizes (Small or Standard) that fit every flash from small mirrorless flashes like the Godox TT350 and Nikon SB600 to larger professional flashes like the Canon 600EX and Nikon SB700.

Available Online and Through Specialty Photographic Resellers
Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers are available through specialty photo dealers and online at Prices from $29.95 for individual components to $129.95 for bundled kits.

About ExpoImaging
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