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Disability Benefit Approval Is Under 33%: This Is What SSI Claimants Must Prove

A man with a thick mustache , baseball cap and many character lines on his face looks pensively to the distance. Getting SSI disability benefits can be difficult for people who need them.

The odds are against people who apply for SSI disability benefits, but disability lawyers can help.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits are designed for people with debilitating health problems and low incomes, but they’re not easy to get.

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2022 / -- The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits program, run by the Social Security Administration (SSA), is designed to help people who have health problems that prevent them from working and limited financial means.

It provides monthly income support and access to Medicaid health care.

But an overwhelming number of people get denied for benefits and must go through a complicated process of appealing their claims.

Social Security statistics covering a recent 10-year period show only 21 percent of applicants were approved for disability benefits when they first applied. And only about a third ultimately won benefits after appealing. (Source:

Another report from the SSA said ultimately 5.7 million adults ages 18-64 made it through the process and were receiving SSI benefits as of 2020.

What must someone prove to finally get Supplemental Security Income?

First of all, applicants must document and confirm health problems so severe that they can’t work any substantial amount in any job.

They also have to provide financial records showing income and assets below certain levels set by the program.

The details are complicated enough that many people turn to a special kind of lawyer, a Social Security Disability lawyer, to guide them through how to qualify for SSI. Disability lawyers only collect fees after their clients are approved for benefits.

In Indiana and Michigan, The Morgan Law Firm has helped thousands in this process and can attest to how people experiencing hard times also have a hard time getting help.

Still, with the right approach, there are ways to win benefits and a measure of financial stability.

Learn more from the Morgan Law Firm disability lawyers.

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