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XiRepair’s Certified Technicians Master the Tricky Xbox Series X/S Port Replacement Service

The team at XiRepair fix hundreds of Microsoft Xboxes every day, often tackling repairs botched by other providers

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / -- XiRepair - the Montgomery-based electronics repair and recovery shop that has been delivering award-winning service since 2014 - now offers same day Xbox HDMI Port repair, an operation which requires skill and precision.

The Xbox Series X/S was released in November 2020, offering gamers stunning visuals and lightning-fast load speeds. However, the flagship console has an Achilles’ heel: the HDMI port is prone to damage from falls or force when the cable is inserted. Without this crucial element functioning properly, the console is essentially unusable. “It’s extremely common for the Xbox Series X to have damage on or around the HDMI port.” Explains an XiRepair technician.

Despite the issue’s frequency, the fix requires micro soldering which can be difficult for inexperienced technicians. XiRepair’s locations see plenty of botched replacements from stores without the right experience or equipment. Thankfully, the team at XiRepair are well equipped and have demonstrated their expertise in Xbox HDMI port replacement with a detailed blog post and explanatory video on their website.

Transparency is a core value at XiRepair and they strive to educate customers about what goes into a quality repair service and the economic and environmental benefits. The company has two locations in Montgomery, Alabama but runs a popular mail-in repair service that receives faulty devices from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries.

XiRepair Founder Jonathan Strange started the business while he was still in high school and is committed to helping families by repairing faulty devices, especially now that COVID-19 has increased reliance on household tech.

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