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The AEC industry is moving towards BIM for sustainable construction. What will be the result?

Architectural BIM Model

Architectural BIM Model by MaRS Group

BIM Section for MEP, Structural and Architectural

BIM Section for MEP, Structural and Architectural by MaRS BIM

4D and 5D BIM Modeling by MaRS BIM

4D and 5D BIM Modeling

MaRS Group's initiative on the future of the entire construction industry, which relies on BIM technology with advanced facilities and sustainable processes.

Sustainability in the AEC industry is not as simple as its looks. It has to undergo various processes that show the result of the project. The core need here is to integrate the BIM methodology. ”
— Chintan Shah
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 14, 2022 / -- Sustainable construction holds a powerful position in today's construction industry. It is the latest stage of benefits that has driven the business to a higher industry level. Having a sustainable construction market is to have convenient sources. This is the phase that gives marketing and many business sectors the start of major affordability.

It is necessary to have a qualitative approach to the project. Hence, there are multiple stages in the project incorporated here. It pertains to having both social and economic responsibility. It includes the process of innovative technology, structural meets, and transferability of the solutions.

It is a shared idea and thought process that helps define the building structure and works hand-in-hand with the project outcome in its early phase. The process requiring accurate construction and the operational outcome makes the building design and structure more realistic and data-driven. It continues with the LEED-certification process that shares the required space and area.

According to one of the articles, the study expresses the early stage of a construction project that is sustainable in its way. It is the stage of the work taken into consideration at the start of the project. Moreover, any issues or errors during this phase can be resolved with higher accuracy. To overcome all these issues and errors, it is necessary to have a thoughtful process that is resourceful and data-driven.

Also, sustainable construction design helps understand the need and requirement of commercial energy and power required in the entire building. The current market in the construction sector is at its peak. It is because the demand for properties is increasing day by day. When evaluated, the reason found was the enormous growth in the population. Hence, to meet the needs of the construction world, people migrated their requirements towards sustainable construction.

Design Stage

At the beginning of any project, it is essential to have a required level of design steps along with its specification and clarification. It is the first stage of a project that demands accurate designs and drawings of the project layout. With the BIM technique, the end outcome of the project is highly scalable and resourceful. The team working on the project is transmitting the information with proper detailing and marking for them.

Stakeholders who are an integral part of the project should have full access to project information and summary. Based on this shared data, the team can order the required raw materials at the construction site. This complete process assists in empowering the project access responsibly.

Efficient Design and Construction Phases

The undertaking of a sustainable construction process helps build accurate design during the construction phase. The outcome of the invention is realistic, and the client receives a 3D Revit BIM modeling that allows proper coordinated information of the project. The delivered design will also include the logic behind it and the idea of organizing the project in sequence.

Further, it is necessary for proper estimation and takeoff of the existing project there is a layout required. With the integrated technology of BIM, every step of the project is a success and is being enhanced to a greater extent.

Operational Control

The market for sustainable construction is at a higher pace. It uses the latest technology that helps overall operational control of the project. The workflow and the area of enhanced technology have extended their support in receiving real-time operational data of the project. With the latest technology of BIM and fundamental stages, the construction work can be done in the shape expected by the client. The future of the construction market rests only on modern BIM technology such as 4D BIM Modeling - Construction Scheduling, which has sustainability needs in building and infrastructure projects.

Eco-friendly and Potential Phase

The advanced technology of BIM helps reduce a tremendous amount of construction waste. This process is possible only with the proper method and requirement of building materials. The start of the project is only possible with a higher level of accuracy and precision. It is an excellent kick-start for any construction project.

This involvement in the work helps environmental work, another design source in the construction phase.

Sociology Effect of BIM platform

Community gathering and involvement play a vital role when developing the design. The project needs to have a good BIM platform within an established area. This data and information can communicate with good teamwork and association.

The local people share their views and the outcome of the project. It is about the promise being given to the client that their project graph is on the better side and is per the planned structure. Also, it will help increase the number of consumers under pressure to work in the given field. With proper use of BIM technology and updated software, BIM professionals easily communicate with local people and keep them posted with all the necessary changes and technicalities that are crucial in the project.

Government Involvement in Sustainable Goals

To achieve and meet the construction goals, it is necessary to have proper and updated government involvement in the project. The construction market has seen tremendous growth in the last couple of years with the new participation of government legislation and level of safety. The process of sustainable construction work helps meet the required rules and regulations for constructing a building structure.

With the endorsement of meeting the government goals, it is necessary to have a proper building safety bill along with leveling the mandatory use of building materials. Also, it is essential to follow Future Homes Standard and Future Buildings Standard, which come into force in 2025.

BIM for Green at MaRS BIM Solutions

While speaking to the team of BIM engineers and managers at MaRS Group, they emphasized the positivity seen in the industry. With the sustainability in construction, the errors are minimized to a great extent with improved design and development.

Chintan Shah
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