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Henry Shukman, Founder of Mountain Cloud Zen Center, Starting New Online Zen Community Program for the Month of July

This initiative was developed to help our online community establish or refine their daily meditation practices. Consistency, which is essential for effective meditation practice, calls for support.”
— Henry Shukman, Founder of Mountain Cloud Zen Center

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- "A New Approach to Mindfulness" -- A new way to adapt Zen for the stressed-out world of today is being offered online, led by Henry Shukman, founder of the Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which has been gaining recognition in the world of mindfulness and reached a large global audience during the Covid pandemic. Mountain Cloud Zen Center has expanded under Henry's direction from a modest community center to a prominent global virtual meditation center.

"This initiative was developed to help our online community establish or refine their daily meditation practices," states Shukman. "Consistency, which is essential for effective meditation practice, frequently calls for support. The three pillars of the Zen tradition that this program encompasses are a community with other meditators, dharma teachings, and true meditation practice. Zen is a tradition, thousands of years in the making that has mindfulness at its heart as well as these deep and transformative questions. This 30 Days of Zen program is our way of providing modern Zen for the contemporary meditator, with a strong foundation in the deep aspects of mindfulness that Zen has been exploring and passing on for millennia."

This new online program is intended for people who want to practice mindfulness but are having trouble doing so consistently or steadily, or for those seeking the deeper, broader experiences that the Zen tradition points to. A daily forum for journaling and engaging with other participants, daily readings and meditation advice, weekly gatherings to connect with a cohort, and a weekly Q&A with teachers and seasoned practitioners are all included in this online Zen training course for lay people (people with jobs, families, etc.). A live opening event and a live closing event with Henry Shukman's dharma teachings are also part of the program.

Mountain Cloud Zen Center will interact with participants using email, an online forum, and live Zoom events during this entirely online program.

The program structure is listed below in detail for your reference and registration:

30 Days of Zen (Online): July 1-30, 2022

-The program runs from July 1-July 30th.
-The program kicks off with a live event on July 1 at 6:30 pm MT.
-Discussion Groups with Q&A will take place Sundays July 3, 10, 17, & 24 @ 10 am MT.
-Close-Out Celebration Saturday, July 30th @8am MT.
-Daily practice July 1-July 30 can be done on one's own schedule or with a larger group on Zoom Mondays-Fridays 7-8 am MT and 5:30-6:30 pm MT, Saturdays 7-8 am MT, and Sundays from 9-10 am MT.

Henry Shukman has been bringing a new Zen approach to mindfulness to hundreds of thousands of listeners over the past few years through his work with Sam Harris on the Waking Up meditation App, his podcasts with Tim Ferriss, and his Zen memoir, One Blade of Grass.

"How does mindfulness really work?" asks Shukman. "Why does mindfulness have so much promise, but it often doesn’t work for people? With stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD at peak levels after the events of the past two years, and with new social and political challenges constantly arising, we find ourselves facing a vital question - how can we create wellbeing and balance in daily life? Mindfulness does provide answers to these questions, but it turns out that consistency of mindfulness practice is an essential key to unlocking the benefits. However, it's not so easy. We do really need support to make mindfulness practice work in our actual, modern-day lives."

"Mindfulness also goes one step further than stress reduction. What we find is that more and more people are coming to meditation through this popular mindfulness movement to help reduce stress and suffering and then, find they also have some other big questions. I aim to help answer these questions," concludes Shukman.

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