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The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy Releases Guide on Signs That Someone Is Having an Identity Crisis

Signs of an Identity Crisis

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy has released a guide on signs that someone is having an identity crisis. Sometimes the way people perceive themselves and act around others doesn’t match. People may feel as if they’re having an identity crisis if the people around them perceive them differently than what they expect.

Identity crisis doesn’t happen only in adolescence. It happens at many stages of life. It is a time in someone’s life when they reevaluate who they are. This can often occur with major changes in their life, including getting into new relationships, having major health problems, or living through a traumatic experience.

If someone suspects they are going through an identity crisis, they can analyze these five signs and see if it applies to them.

1. Questioning their basic understanding of who they are.
2. Feeling anxiety, agitation, or dissatisfaction with life.
3. Changing themselves to suit any environment, situation, or relationship.
4. Trouble answering questions about themselves.
5. Not being able to trust that they can make good decisions.

When someone questions who they are while living through a major life change, that is a significant indicator that they have an identity crisis. And although it can be difficult to cope with the changes in environment and self-identity, there are some ways to manage, including:

• Expressing what is important to them.
• Giving themselves time for objectivity.
• Taking care of themselves.
• Setting firm boundaries and sticking to them.
• Not falling into bad habits or destructive behaviors.
• Facing their identity crisis squarely.

These coping mechanisms can make it easier to deal with the change of identity and can often help someone rediscover who they are. Asking themselves questions about who they think they are and who they would like to be can help guide them towards becoming a person they recognize.

The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy helps people in New Jersey and surrounding areas to improve their psychological health by changing how they think and behave. If someone is interested in how behavior change can affect their identity crisis, they can visit the Lukin Center’s website.

Ami Patel Kang
The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy
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