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St. Madness Releasing Track and Lyric Video from Upcoming 12th Full-Length Album "LAST RITES The Final Blessing"

US Heavy Metal band St. Madness releasing first studio track, MY MUSIC MANIFESTO, from their upcoming 12th full-length album, “LAST RITES The Final Blessing.”

On JULY 8, 2022, in honor of Prophet’s (vocalist/lyricist, St. Madness) 60th birthday, U.S. Heavy Metal band St. Madness is releasing the first studio track, MY MUSIC MANIFESTO, from their upcoming twelfth full-length album, “LAST RITES The Final Blessing.” Simultaneously releasing with this track is the Official Lyric Video, and album cover art.

“A message from PROPHET:

MY MUSIC MANIFESTO is a song is about my 43 years in music, and it's a dedication and a deep, heartfelt thanks to everyone who has ever cared about my music, from performing "Elvis" music in High School all the way to current times with my brothers in ST. MADNESS.

This is my way of easing into starting to say goodbye to everyone when I retire from performing Metal Music. I won’t be retiring right away, but I know my time is coming so I wanted to write a song that said THANK YOU to everyone whoever supported my musical journey.

Something else that I wanted to share with is that playing piano on this composition is Kevin McConnell, the pianist that I wrote my first twenty to thirty songs with beginning in 1980 with "In Memory of Scottie." Having Kevin play on this song (in particular) and listening to it for the first time, brought tears to my eyes and I felt like I was eighteen again. Also appearing is Dave Cornwall who added beautiful orchestration.

The album cover represents a crime scene photo and it's my favorite album cover that we have ever done so far.

I hope you guys will give it a listen and I hope that the song touches you in a good way and that you all feel the love that I feel for you in my heart. \m/”


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